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her moist pussy日本亲近相奷中文字幕

It was Saturday evening and I decided to head to the beach and watch the fireworks instead of sitting on my deck and watching alone.My wife was out of town visiting her Mom and would be staying overnight since it is just about 110 miles each way.Let me back up a little, our youngest child has finished college (he was a hockey player) and has started to earn a real living instead of just playing hockey for minimal pay.He was good enough to get an education with hockey but not big enough to play in the AHL or NHL.So we sold our big home and bought a beautiful condo on the ocean where every Saturday night during the summer there is a live band followed by fireworks.The first part of this story is true but the rest is a dream I had last night and decided to share it with you, hope you enjoy it.I started to walk to the beach thinking I would wonder through the discount store then grab a coke and slice of pizza to enjoy as I watched the show.This store has everything you could ever need, I joke and say if it is not here then you don’t need it.As I walked and looked at the tourists buying their trinkets and trash I caught site of a very attractive woman.In my mind I heard Harry Chapman saying, “something about her was familiar, I could swear I have seen her face before.”Nothing solid came to mind so I just continued to walk around.As I turned into the next aisle there she was again but this time our eyes locked.It seamed like time stood still then started moving backwards.I can’t say how long we just stood there looking into each other’s eyes but I took a step closer and softly said “Debbie?”A smile I knew in an instant appeared as she said “Al”, we both reached out and gave each other a huge hug.It has been over forty years since we last saw each other at our high school graduation.She told she was camping at the near by state reservation with her family.It was her husband and two kids along with a total of 7 other relatives who were up for a week of camping, fishing and vacation fun.She told them she was going shopping and would be back in a few hours.I asked her if she wanted to walk on the beach to chat and catch up and if she had time to watch the fireworks.She said she would love to.Back in high school I was a two sport athlete and you know what jocks are like?All we talk about is the hot girls we want and brag, or lie, about what happened when we got them.Debbie did not like sports so she never attended any of the games but we did have a few classes together.I never got up the courage to ask her out but I always wanted her.We decided to walk down away from the crowd.We went so far that we could no longer hear the band playing and at that time I said lets sit here.I had brought a small beach towel that I was going to lay on and watch the fireworks but it was not big enough for both of us so I told Debbie she could use it.We started sharing stories about our lives.Her husband owns and operates a small body shop in the town we grew up in and her two children are married living in town.I told her about my son and my two daughters.BANG, BANG, BANG, the fireworks started.I told her that if she laid back on the towel and looked up it is amazing what the fireworks look like.She asked me to lay on the towel and when I did she took my arm, put it around her and cuddled near me placing her head on my shoulder.The show lasted about forty minutes during which time we did not say a word.I was slowly running my fingers through her hair and she had her hand on my stomach.The show ended and without saying a word we both sat up.I helped her get up and brushed the sand off her back.As I was doing this my hand brushed sand off her pale blue shorts which were covering her butt.I got tingling feeling as I felt her butt especially since she did not show any resistance.Walking back we joked about how we never dated in high school and that I was afraid to ask her out.She laughed and told me that I was one of three baseball players she hoped would ask her out.We passed the discount store and got to the condo building where I lived and with butterflys in my stomach I asked her if she had time and wanted to come up for a glass of wine and cheese.She smiled and softly said sure.We got upstairs and I showed her around inside then we went out to the deck which wraps around two sides.We went out the main door and walked around to the door that leads into my bedroom.I opened that door and we stepped in, I told her we can sit on the deck and hear the band and watch the fireworks or do it while laying in bed.Silence filled the room, that awkward feeling was there and then almost at the same time we reached out and took each others hand.It seamed like forever we were just looking into each others eyes and finally I moved closer.We were both thinking the same thing – should we or should we not kiss??Well it happened, first a soft gentle kiss followed by a passionate kiss. Our arms flew around each other as the kissing got more and more passionate.My hand again made its way down her back and was gently rubbing her butt.Slowly and I mean ever so slowly my hand came slightly up and slid under her pants and panties to feel her very soft and lovely butt.I felt her body ease into me rubbing her and then she gave a soft moan while we kissed.She started to pull up my shirt so I had to take my hand out so she could remove it for me.When it was off she started to kiss, suck and gently bite my nipples.It was driving me crazy and I could feel my cock getting hard.I wanted to kiss her some more so I gently guided her up and placed my lips on her warm and very tasty lips.We kissed for a while but I wanted to feel her skin against mine so I started to pull up the tank top she was wearing but she stopped me.I was shocked, what was happening?She reached back, undid her bra and in one motion the tank top and bra were on the floor.There before me were two of the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen, they were waiting for me!I returned to kissing her feeling her warm body near mine, I slowly took one hand and slid it between us so I could feel her breast – it felt great.I pulled away and leaned over so I could kiss and suck both of them.She was running her fingers through my hair as I kept kissing and rubbing both of her beautiful breasts.I finally built up the courage to move on.I got on my knees and began to kiss her stomach and tongue her belly button and at the same time I slid both hands up her legs and under her pants to feel a butt cheek in each hand.While I was doing this I would slide a finger up and down her butt crack but not going any further.I needed to taste her pussy – I slid my hands up enough to grab the bands of her pants and panties.There was nothing stopping me now so I slid them to the floor exposing a nicely trimmed pussy.When she stepped out the them I had her sit on the edge of the bed, laid her back and began kissing her breasts and working my way down her stomach.When I got to the top of her trimmed hair I got on my knees in between her legs and opened her legs placing her feet on my shoulders.There was a little light coming in the room making her wet pussy glisten as it waited for me.I moved forward and began to kiss the whole area, her moist pussy, her hair and her inner thighs.I reached up and placed a breast in each hand before I slid my tongue into her pussy to taste her juices.She was really wet and my tongue ran around every where, in her hole and on her clit.It was time to cross into that sometimes forbidden area – anal – but I wanted to see what would happen.As I was rolling her hard nipples with my fingers I took my wet tongue and made a pass over her butt hole.I got a little twitch but nothing to make me think it was private ground.This time with my tongue ready and covered in her warm juices I went back and began to lick it more.As I was licking I wiggled and pushed my tongue in an attempt to get in a little, this just brought a moan.I now knew what I was going to do.My right hand came down then I placed a finger in her pussy to get it really wet.I replaced my tongue with my finger and gently pushed it in her now welcoming butt.I went back to kissing and licking her pussy and clit while fingering her butt.She took her hands and placed them on my head as if to say, “don’t stop”.I kept on kissing, licking and fingering for what appeared to be a beautiful eternity.I felt her starting to rock and then she took my hand off her breast and began sucking my fingers.She then exploded into a beautiful organism.She was sucking my fingers,在线亚洲人成电影网站色www I felt her pussy pounding on my lips and tongue all while her butt was pulsating around my finger.I knew her organism was complete when she took my fingers out of her mouth and she was breathing normal.I slowly removed my finger but kept my mouth covering her pussy as the heat was still being felt by all the senses in my mouth.She caught her breathe, sat up then moved to sit on the floor in front of me with her legs wrapped around me.With one hand placed on each of my checks, looking me in the eyes she said, thank you and gave me a wonderful kiss.We stood up and she said it was now her turn to please me.She pulled my pants down exposing my now flaccid cock which had precum dripping from its tip.I was told to lay on the bed and she got between my legs and began to lick the precum from the tip of my cock.The thought of Debbie sucking my cock was driving me crazy.It did not take her long to get me hard, her warm tongue running up and down the shaft of my cock – sucking my balls.When I was hard she laid along side of me and started talking.That’s right she started talking while she was holding my cock.She told me that she never had anyone finger her butt.She thought it was taboo but when I did it she could not resist the urge to let me go and try it.She said it was amazing and wondered if she would ever experience it again.She got between my legs and through them over her shoulders exposing my cock, balls and butt hole.I did not think anything other than her sucking me some more but was I surprised.She started to suck my cock then moved to licking my balls, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed everything she was doing.Then to my surprise I felt a little pressure on my butt hole.I opened my eyes to see her looking there as she rubbed the outside.She brought her hand to her mouth and collected a handful of saliva, moistened my butt and slid in her finger.I have experienced this before and knew how good it felt and today was no different. She only fingered me for a minute or two while she sucked me before she asked, can you make love to me?I sat up and laid her down near me and began kissing her breasts while rubbing her all ready wet pussy.Slowly I climbed on top and gently slide inside her.The feel of her warm and waiting pussy was simply the greatest ever.Slowly I began pumping and kissing her warm lips.My pace increased as I got closer to cumming, her kissing got more intense as she pulled me closer if that was even possible.Finally I exploded into her.We both laid there totally exhausted and satisfied.We got up and dressed then I asked her if she would be in any trouble for being late getting back to the campsite.She said no, because her shopping trip was supposed to be up to the city and that she would probably be late getting back.With a smile on her face she asked, do you really have some wine and cheese?We laughed and talked over some wine and cheese for about an hour then she said that she needed to go.We chuckled when we traded email addresses saying that forty years ago answering machines were not even around.We gently kissed and I watched her walk down the hall toward the elevator.I am wondering if we will ever see each other again?Will we ever trade email messages?Was tonight that once in a lifetime high school reunion?At the beginning I said some of this was true and some was a dream.Now that you have read it all where does it change?Or does it change?