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I woke up again before the alarm went off. Rose was still tight against my back but Mercedes was missing. I thought I heard someone being sick in the bathroom. I went over and opened the door to find Mercedes in the same position Rose had been in earlier. Just as I got her back to bed the alarm went off. I turned it off and told her to sleep a little longer. When I got home they were both out on the deck sunning and said they were felling a lot better. We settled in to a routine.Evenings after dinner we talked about the vacation then either spend a few hours on the deck or in the family room staying familiar with each other’s bodies. Cathy spent every weekend with us including one we spent in San Antonio going to SeaWorld and Fiesta Texas. The Week before Rose’s 25th birthday the girls got that flu or whatever it was again. This time they were sore, tired and throwing up for three days before I finally got them to go to the doctor. Denny’s Breakfast Treat – 6When my alarm woke me, only Rose was next to me. She had one arm across me and her head on my chest. I try to slip out from under her but she woke up. “Morning, is it time to get up?”“I have to get ready for work. You can stay in bed.” She shook her head no and slipped out of bed with me. She followed me into the shower and wrapped her arms around me under the warm water.“I could stand here with your arms around me all morning, but you have to go to work and I have things to do. I have a favor. Wear something besides your work uniform so I can pick you up for lunch” I told her I would and we started soaping and rubbing each other. She stepped back with a grin on her face. “If you don’t have an extra hour this morning, you better get dressed and go to work. I don’t want a quickie.” We rinsed and got out of the shower. She toweled me dry spending extra time on my dick before bending down and slipping it down her throat. She pulled it out and planted a kiss on the tip. “That’s so you’ll rush back home to me.”I dressed and she gave me one more hug and kiss before I left. “Don’t forget, I’ll be there at lunch.” All the way to work I thought about last night and this morning. I thought pregnant women were supposed to have a reduced sex drive. I needed some help. As soon as I could I called and talked to my longtime doctor and explained my situation. When he quit laughing, he told me he was surprised I lasted this long. He said he would call in a prescription for the little blue pill. He also told me he didn’t envy me at all, because I had it backwards. Most women have an increased sex drive especially in the early months. Oh hell what have I got myself into?I got a call at noon that I had a visitor at the main entrance. When I got up front I found Rose in the lobby talking with the president of the company. “This nice young lady tells me she’s your lunch date. You two have a good time and he left.” I was pleasantly surprised to see Rose In a stylish pantsuit that made her look like a very successful business woman.I gave her a quick kiss as we headed for the door. “So where is my sexy executive taking me for lunch?”“We have a stop to make first then we can go anywhere you want.” She drove downtown and we parked in the garage of one of the tall office building and took the elevator to the 14th floor. When the doors opened the receptionist behind the desk looked at us.“Welcome back Miss Mott. They’re waiting for you in the conference room.” I gave Rose a questioning look but she just smiled, took my arm and led me down the hall. There were two men in expensive suits sitting at the table.“This is my Mister Bill. Can we get down to the paperwork?” One of the suits addressed me.“Against our advice Miss Mott has decided to give you unfettered access to her financial accounts.” He placed a document in front of me with a pen. “We know there is no marriage in the near future but one of the requirement s attached to the funds was a pre-nuptial agreement if Miss Mott wanted to add anyone to her accounts.”“Let’s cut to the chase can we? Does this say what’s hers is hers and if we separate I don’t get anything?”“Yes sir it does,”“Rose, are you ok with this?” She hesitated a moment then nodded yes. “Then so am I.” As I signed one of the suits asked if I wanted a lawyer to look it over. He didn’t know how to reply when I told him I trusted Rose and besides I didn’t need her money. They had Rose and me sign some more papers that officially put me on the account then gave Rose a manila envelope. They said that was everything. They actually stood and shook both our hands and wished us luck. Rose took my arm again and we left.“They’re not really bad folks once you get to know them. They’re just trying to look out for my best interest.” We got back to her SUV and she asked where we were eating. When I told her I didn’t think I had time she told me I needed to make time. We ended up at The Olive Garden. While we waited for our meals Rose pulled out the manila envelope and handed it to me.“Inside is a credit card for you tied to the account, it has no limit. There are cards for Mercedes and Cathy. They have a $2,000 a month limit. You or I can raise it any time. There’s also a copy of the latest statement in case you want to know what I just gave you. We can set up accounts for each of the children after they’re born. The bean counters have assured me that as long as we spend less than $60,000 a month our children and grand children will be set for life.” I pulled the statement out of the envelope and glanced over it. When I saw the balance listed I almost choked on a breadstick.“Is this amount correct?” I was stunned when she smiled and nodded yes. The amount was a very high 8 figures. Now I knew why the suits were so concerned. “Are you sure about this, I mean really sure?”“More sure than anything! Now eat up so I can get you back to work. I’ll let you tell Mercedes and Cathy. We might have to do some celebrating tonight. So you better be ready.”The first thing I did when I got back to work was give a 30 day notice. They offered me a significant raise but I told them I was going to need a lot of family time. That’s when I found out what 15 years with the company meant to them. They told me they would pay me for the 30 days, but today was my last working day and walked me to the door. What a bunch of assholes I had been working for. They really thought I might damage the company. Oh well their loss.When I got home 2 hours early the girls wanted to know what was up. I walked everyone into the family room and we sat down. First I gave Mercedes and Rose their cards, they got excited and jumped on me to say thanks. I told them that Rose was the one they should be thanking. She had given us a new start and independence. They jumped on her hugging and kissing her, then pulled us into a group hug and thanked both of us again. I told them I had given notice and as thanks I got walked out the door. Their reaction surprised me. They just said that would be more time for them to be with me.When they calmed down they wanted to go out and celebrate. Since it was just 3 in the afternoon said I wanted to spend a couple of hours in the sun. They said ok but their eyes said they were up to something. Rose and I went in the bedroom to shed some clothes and by the time we got outside Mercedes and Cathy had beach towels laid out on the deck for us. I lay down on my stomach and Mercedes laid down next to me with an arm and leg over me and her head on my back. “How am I supposed to get any sun lying this way?”Mercedes rolled to her back next to me. “Try this then.” She pulled me to her until I had one leg and one arm over her and my head at her breast. “Uuummm this is much better.” She was right this was a great way to lie in the sun. After 15-20 minutes I turned to face the other way and Cathy was on my other side on her back. She had been lying there waiting for me to turn over. When I put my arm and leg over her she felt warm from the sun. Her breasts felt so warm and soft against my cheek I had to take her sun warmed nipple in my mouth and suckle as we lay in the sun. Several times as we lay there motionless she moaned softly as I continued to suck on her hard nipple.When I had enough sun on my back I rolled over. I was curious to find out what they would do next. Mercedes and Cathy moved up just a little so they could place my hand on their mounds. They pushed two of my fingers into their wet holes. That’s when I felt Rose between my legs. She spread my legs enough to let her lay her cheek on my cock. “We can’t take a chance of letting you get a sunburn, can we?” We laid that way with Rose rubbing my dick occasionally with her palm until I had enough sun on my front. When I turned over Mercedes moved up and put my cheek on her inner thigh. My lips were even with her clit. I flicked it with my forefinger and felt her jump.“Gentle baby you’re supposed to be soaking up the sun.” I was lying on my left side as I felt someone slide under my right leg. I glanced down to see Rose take my shaft in hand putting half in her mouth. She didn’t try to move her head she just laid their suckling like she had a nipple between her lips. Cathy was laying outside Mercedes legs but had reached under her right leg and was pushing two fingers into her wet hole. When her fingers were coated with her slick juices, she pulled them out and rubbed them over Mercedes clit. When she put them back in her hole I leaned over and licked the little man, savoring her sweet taste. She moaned as Cathy and I continued to stroke and lick her.As I sucked on Mercedes clit, Rose decided she wanted more and moved her head so my shaft was deep in her throat and swallowed several times. Her throat was pulling my cum out. She backed up her head, took a deep breath and swallowed me again. She swallowed over and over until I could stand it no longer and shot a full load directly into her stomach. As I did I sucked Mercedes clit like I was gasping for breath. She jerked and her nectar flooded Cathy's hand.“SUCK ME, FUCK ME, MAKE ME CUM HARD.” We laid there in a tangle. Rose still had the head of my shaft in her mouth trying to suck more out of it and Cathy and I were licking her fingers clean as fast as she wet them in Mercedes pussy and pulled them out again. We decided to move inside out of the sun and take a nap before going out. We ended up in a tangle on the bed again. I was on my back with Cathy's pussy inches from my face and Mercedes and Rose with their heads on my thighs holding my shaft. We played with each other until we dozed off.I woke up to Cathy straddling me on her elbows and knees, kissing my lips. “Time to get up and celebrate.” She kissed me one more time and jumped off the bed. “Come on times a wastin.” I got up and stumbled into the shower behind Cathy. Damn I loved her cute round butt. She rushed me thru the shower. I wanted to play but she wanted to go out. I dressed and waited in the living room for my ladies to get ready. They didn’t disappoint me. They came out in tight, stretch, strapless, mini dresses. They were ready to dance and be seen. When I asked where we were going on a Monday night, Mercedes and Rose told me they usually had weekdays off when they were working so they knew a couple of places to go.I got the keys and said I was driving. The ladies gave me sour looks and said I was a spoil sport, but they still jumped in the truck ready to go out. We spent the night in 4 different clubs, the girls drinking virgin drinks and dancing their asses off. After the last club suggested we leave when Rose flashed everyone on the dance floor, all three of them pulled their tops down, stuck their tongues out and ran out the door laughing. When I caught up to them outside they were still laughing.Mercedes grabbed my arm and said, “We’re ready to go home and be mommies. We just wanted one last night out.” We headed home and by the time we got there they had calmed down and the night caught up. We went inside and got into bed. We were asleep in minutes.I woke up at noon and my 3 wives were still sound asleep, sprawled all over the bed. I got up without waking them and stood at the foot of the back enjoying the view. Mercedes was on her back with one hand on her breast. She had one leg pulled up under the other, spreading her slit slightly. Her inner lips looked like pink Rose petals peeking out. Rose was on her stomach with her legs spread so I could see her little brown eye and her puffy outer lips. Cathy was on her stomach on the edge of the bed with one arm hanging off and her head on the edge with her mouth open. I was hard just looking at them.I stepped over by Cathy and put my dick between her lips. She started sucking like it was a large nipple. About 30 seconds later she opened her eyes and pulled back a little, “Mmmmm, it wasn’t a dream.” She put her mouth back over the head and went back to sucking. She put her hand on it and began giving me a hand job as she laid there just sucking in the head. She didn’t even try to suck more in she just suckled on the head a she stroked me faster. Five minutes later I filled her mouth with cum as she milked the last from my dick. “Thank you sweetie, now let me go back to sleep.” She gave my dick a kiss then closed her eyes.I went outside and dove in the pool. This was strange. I was alone in the pool for the first time in a long time. I swam laps until I was tired then climbed out and laid down in the sun. I dozed off and woke up when Mercedes laid down on me. “How long have you been out here?”“A couple of hours, you ladies looked like you needed your sleep.”“Cathy too?” She had that evil grin again.“Hey you guys wake me up with blow jobs and sitting on my dick or face. She had her head on the edge of the bed with her mouth open. It was payback time.” She slipped one hand between us and was rubbing my shaft.Think you’re ready for a quickie? We have a few minutes. Rose and Cathy are getting dressed. We want to go somewhere for a late lunch. ““Do you want a quickie or would you rather have 3-4 hours of damn good sex after we get home?” Her eyes lit up.“You promise?”“I guarantee.”“Can I just ride it for a few minutes? I want you in me really bad.” I just nodded and she sat up, grabbed my shaft and put it to her opening. She slid the head in then dropped down driving the rest deep. “I could do that over and over. The first time it drives into me and stretches my pussy I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.” She put her hands on my chest and rocked back and forth. She moved until the head almost came out then slid all the way down burying my shaft again. After a few minutes I stopped her and pulled her down to me so I could squeeze her breasts as I sucked on her nipples.We were lying there with my shaft still buried in her and me enjoying her breasts when Cathy and Rose came out. They were wearing what was becoming their trademark. Low rise jeans. Tank tops without bras and hi-heels.Rose put on a mock sense of indignation. “Sister when we said ‘Go get him up’, we meant to get dressed, not to pound your pussy.”“He promised us 3-4 hours of damn good sex after we get home.” Now Rose and Cathy's eyes lit up.“Don’t just sit there sister, get busy.” Mercedes kissed me then rose up pulling me out. She turned around and started licking my shaft. I figured turnabout was fair play so I pulled her astraddle me and started licking her slit clean. When she was done she pulled away from me and stood up.“We better go now or we won’t be going anywhere.” We went in the house and got dressed. She pulled on her jeans and tank top without panties or bra. “I want to be ready when you are.” I put on some cargo shorts and a polo shirt and we left in my crew cab.“You ladies like good meat so we’re headed to Murphy’s Steakhouse. It about an hour’s drive but they have delicious steaks. You can eat your fill, then we can go home and you can eat some more.” All I hear from the back seat was “Oh yeah.” Mercedes was sitting in the passenger seat. She pulled her tank top up and rubbed her breasts. “You get steak now but dessert is on us. We’re going to feed you breast and pussy tonight.” I sure am happy I have my blue pills. We got there about 6pm and it was about half full. We got a table and they each ordered the biggest steak on the menu and appetizers. The girl that took our order remarked that it was a lot of food.Cathy just smiled real sweet and said, “That’s ok, Bill always lets us have big meat.” The waitress gave us a funny look and walked away. “I think I shocked her.” The girl came back with the appetizers, put them down and left in a hurry. We made it thru the meal and dessert without any more issues. It was dark when we left and it was suspiciously quiet in the back seat. When we went thru town on the way home and lights illuminated the inside of the truck I saw that Rose and Cathy had shed their clothes. They rolled their widows down and were flashing cars as we drove by. At one point Cathy leaned into the front seat and kissed my cheek as a car load of guys pulled up next to us. They must have liked her ass as much as I do because they did a lot of yelling and honking as we pulled away.”You guys are so predictable. Show you some tits and ass and you go nuts. We need to hurry home. I’m suddenly hungry for nuts. How about you, ladies, do you want some warm nuts to nibble on?” Mercedes put her hand in my crotch and gave a little squeeze.“Your right, they are warm and he’s got a sack full for us to share. Let’s get home so we can play.” They all laughed and talked about new sex positions they were going to try, like I wasn’t there. It sounded like there were some interesting nights ahead. When we got home I barely made it in the door before my three naked ladies were crowding around me taking of my clothes. “You promised, you promised, now it’s time to pay up.” They were trying to pull me to the family room but I made an excuse and headed for my bathroom. I grabbed one of the blue pills and headed for the family room. When I got there they had a computer screen on the big TV. They had found a web site that had a ‘Position of the day’. The one on the screen was called ‘V for Vixen’. Basically it was the girl sitting on a table or counter with her feet on the guys shoulders and her arms around his neck. “Is this what you have planned for tonight?” They turned and saw me standing in the door stroking my stiff shaft and Mercedes started towards me licking her lips.“Later, but right now we want you to come in here and join us.” I sat down on the couch in front of the big screen with Mercedes on one side and Rose on the other. Cathy was sitting on the floor with my wireless keyboard and mouse. They had been surfing porn sites and came across They found a tag for a reverse gang band and opened one of three girls giving one guy a blow job. Cathy turned her head and looked at me.“Can we start here?”“I promised you 3 hours of sex. If that’s what you want, what are you waiting for?” They looked at the girls on the screen then pulled me to the edge of the couch. Cathy put the keyboard aside then took my scrotum in one hand and started licking and sucking on it like the girl on the TV. Rose and Mercedes put their lips together on the sides up my shaft sliding up and down it together. Like the girls on the screen they started bobbing up and down on my shaft, one getting on as soon as the other pulled off. It felt like one long, uninterrupted blow job.When the three girls onscreen spit on their dick and left strings between their lips and the dick as they pulled it out so did mine. They were all taking turns sucking the top half while the other two licked and stroked the rest. When I saw the guy on the screen grab the head that was on his dick and force it down on his shaft, I grabbed Rose and forced my dick down her throat and held it. When I let her up they went back to spitting and bobbing. When I said “I’m gonna cum they did like on screen and put their heads cheek to cheek and pumped my shaft until I shot a full blast of cum onto their faces. As they licked cum from their faces they continued taking turns sucking on my shaft until the video ended.When it stopped, I looked at the time. It was only 18 minutes long. It felt a lot longer. “Mmmmm thank you ladies, what’s next?” Rose and Mercedes sat back up next to me as Cathy grabbed the keyboard and leaned back between my legs. Rose had her hand on my dick stoking it very softly as Cathy scrolled thru videos. She came to one that showed three girls and a guy on a couch. Mercedes said “Stop that looks interesting.” Cathy clicked thru the video and got approval from the rest of my ladies and started the video. It started with a blonde straddling the guy riding his shaft as a dark haired girl sat next to him with the third girl eating her pussy. Rose straddled me instantly and slid my dick into her.“Mmmmm, I think I like this best so far.” Mercedes slid down to the edge of the couch. Cathy pushed the keyboard away, got to her knees between Mercedes legs and drove her tongue into her slit. Mercedes jerked and started moaning.“Oh fuck, it feels like you took lessons from our husband.” Cathy just continued licking and Mercedes kept moaning. A minute later the blonde got up and the dark haired girl straddled the guy with her feet on the edge of the couch and her back to him as she squatted down on his dick while the blonde held it to her pussy. Rose held my dick as Mercedes lowered herself down on me. I played with her breasts as she rode up and down on me while Rose rubbed her clit and Cathy fingered herself. When the dark haired girl on the screen got off and the third girl took her place, Mercedes and Cathy swapped places. At first as Cathy rode my shaft Mercedes rubbed her clit until the girl on the screen stood up on the couch and lowered her mound to the guys face.“Mmmmm, I was wondering when I would get to taste one of your pussy’s.” Mercedes lowered her wet slit to my mouth and ended that conversation.“More tongue less talk.” As I licked at her slit she slid up and down on my face so I could reach every part. As her clit came into range I sucked hard on it and she stopped moving and pressed harder on me. “Now that’s what I was waiting for. Suck me.” I sucked on her as Cathy rode my shaft. I felt Rose licking the base of my dick and Cathy as she slid down. On the screen the girl riding the dick rose up and the other girl sucked his dick. Cathy got up and Rose put my dick in her mouth and deep throated it a few times before aiming it at Cathy's ass.Rose said “Sit on it sister, fuck your ass with his cock.” Cathy lowered herself down fully on me and wiggled her ass in my lap. She pulled Rose to her and rubbed her face in her slit. Rose was licking her hole as I slipped in and out of her ass. Mercedes juice was running down my chin, dripping on my chest. When the girls on the screen got off his face and dick the girl between his legs started sucking his dick, Mercedes and Cathy got on their knees next to Rose as she swallowed my dick. When she swallowed it deep in her throat I passed that point of no return.“III CCUUMMIINNG.” Rose pulled up until only the tip was in her lips and I shot into her mouth. When she thought I was done she took her lips off and Cathy licked the last dribble from it as Mercedes sucked my cum from Rose’s tongue. Soon all three were swapping cum on their tongues. They swallowed and licked their lips before crowding around me for hugs and kisses. The video had ended but they did not look for another. Mercedes sat in my lap with my dick sticking up between her legs and the other two just snuggled up to us. Cathy put her hand between Mercedes legs and held my shaft.“Girls we still have a hard cock down here. What should we do with it?” Mercedes reminded them they still had their position of the day. We sat together for about 5 minutes before Mercedes stood up and pulled me with her.“Come with me.” She led me to the dining room with the other two right behind us. She sat on the edge of the table and pulled me between her legs. “Put your cock in me.” I slid my shaft into her warm sheath and held it there. With her arms around my neck she said “Put my feet on your shoulders.” We worked her legs up and I felt my shaft slip in a little farther. “Mmmm, now put your arms around me and fuck me till I cum.” Rose and Cathy were standing on either side watching and as I started stroking into Mercedes. Cathy reached between my legs and fondled my balls as Rose reached between us and rubbed Mercedes little nub with one finger. “Ladies you have to try this. His cock is touching places it’s never touched before and it feels better than ever.”I stroked faster and Rose was rubbing Mercedes to match. Mercedes pulled herself tight to me and trembled. “OOOOHHHHH that was so deep.” I stopped and lowered her legs. She tried to stand but they wobbled too much so I held her until she was ok. When she was able to move there was a puddle on the table where she had been sitting. Rose ran and got a towel to sit on then took Mercedes place. Mercedes had sat down because her legs were still a little wobbly. I fucked Rose like I had Mercedes except Cathy was rubbing her clit. Rose grunted every time I drove in. It took 10 minutes before Rose tensed and threw her head back.“DAMN,日韩一区二区三区无码av DAMN, DAMN. It feels so much bigger this way.” When she relaxed and could move away, Cathy sat on the edge, pulled me to a hug and whispered in my ear.“Do me different, put your cock in my ass and fuck me.” I put my dick to her little pucker and slowly entered her. When I was all the way in, she put her feet on my shoulders like the other two and pulled my chest to her. “Oh god it wasn’t that deep before. It feels like it hitting my stomach.” I heard Mercedes tell Rose ‘He’s fucking her in the ass.’ I was driving into her ass harder than I had the other two and in a sort time she was shaking all over and tears came from her eyes. “I love you. I love you and the way you make me feel.” She pulled me to a long passionate kiss then put her head on my shoulder. “Can we make this last longer?”I looked at the girls. “Its 3am, are we ready to call it a night?” They nodded yes so I lifted Cathy off the table just the way we were and carried her to bed. I sat down with her in my lap. “What did you want to last longer?”“I want to keep your big, fat cock in my ass as long as we can.” I stood up, turned around and laid her on the bed. As I pulled my shaft out she started to say no but I put a finger to her lips to quiet her. “Pull back the covers and move to the middle. After she did I rolled her on her left side and moved behind her. I raised her right leg and slid my shaft back into her ass. Is this what you want?” I lowered her leg. I put my arms around her and held her tight. She put her hands over mine and held them tight to her breasts.“I feel so full and safe right now. I don’t know how it could get any better. Rose and Mercedes crawled into bed with Rose facing Cathy, kissed her and put an arm over her. Cathy sobbed. “I was wrong it just got better.” I laid there feeling her heart beat and listening to her breath. I felt her relax and her breathing slow as she went to sleep. She looked so innocent laying there. She moaned in her sleep as I very slowly stroked her ass. I shot another load in her bowels then drifted off to sleep.I woke up about two in the afternoon, alone in the bed. Just as I sat up I heard retching in the bathroom. I went in there and found Mercedes with her head over the porcelain throne, being sick. I sat on the floor next to her and pulled her hair back. “Are you ok?”“Do I sound ok?”“Do you want me to find one of the others to help you?”“That won’t work. Rose is in the shower……oh god…….Rose is in the shower throwing up in a trash can. Cathy ……oooohhhh…….Cathy is in the other bathroom sick.”“What can I do?”I heard Rose yell from the shower. “Get out. Leave us alone………..ooooooohhhhh………god this is all your fault. Get out.” I got up and started up front to find Cathy. She came out of the bathroom looking like she had a rough night. She walked up to me, put her arms around me and her head on my shoulder. “I feel like shit. Make it go away.” I wanted to laugh but I figured it wasn’t a good idea with three women suffering thru morning sickness. I took her to the kitchen and got her some crackers.“Take some of these to your sisters. They’ll help settle your stomachs. I don’t think they want me around right now. When you feel better come out and sit in the sun, it helps.” I headed outside as Cathy headed to the bedroom to find the others. I was laying on one of the loungers when Cathy came out and lay down next to me with her head on my chest.“You’re right I do feel better now.” A little while later Rose and Mercedes came out and stretched out on the deck. After baking in the sun for an hour Rose came over and sat next to Cathy and me.“I’m sorry about earlier. I think hormones are starting to get crazy.”“You can make it up to me later.” I pulled her down to me and put my lips on a nipple. As soon as I sucked on it she pulled away.“I’m sorry babe but their really tender right now. Can we wait until later?” I looked around and all three were nodding yes.“Whatever you ladies want, you can say no just like me. Now is anyone hungry or do I need to find something just for me?” They said they were hungry but they didn’t want a heavy meal like last night. They wanted to eat a little later and just lay around the pool for a while. We went in about seven and got ready to go. They came out wearing sundresses. They looked nothing like the hot flashers they usually did. They looked good in a nonsexual way. We went to a salad place and filled up. When we got ready to leave Mercedes wanted to drive and Rose sat up front with her. Cathy slid in the back with me and got just as close as she could and put an arm around my neck.I’m feeling frisky sweetie and my breasts aren’t sore anymore. Can I have another back seat ride?” Before I could answer she slipped her dress over her head and was sitting next to me nude. She straddled me and placed a breast to my mouth. “Try it babe. Suck on it and make it tingle.” I held her breasts in my hands and moved back and forth between her dime sized nipples. As I did, she slipped her hands down, unfastened my shorts and grasped my shaft. She pulled away and I raised my hips so she could slide my shorts off. She moved back to my lap, pressing my shaft against my belly with her mound. She pulled my shirt over my head and it joined her dress and my sorts on the floor.She was rubbing her wet slit on my shaft as she held my face between her hands and we kissed. She rose up and I slid down in the seat enough to put my dick in the entrance to her pussy. She eased all the way back down into my lap and rocked her hips as she put her head on my shoulder. “Tell our driver to take the long way home. I want a nice slow easy fuck from my husband.” We stayed in that position for the 20 minute drive home, making slow strokes and enjoying the feel of each other bodies. Mercedes got us with her sense of humor. We pulled alongside a pickup with two couples in it and she rolled the back windows down. The couples looked at us and Cathy just sat up, rubbed her breasts and waved. One of the women hollered ‘Looks like your having a good time.’ Cathy just hollered back “You should try it. Your husband would love it.”The light changed and we went down the road laughing. When we got home Cathy was still rocking slowly on my shaft and moaning into my neck. Mercedes wanted to know if we were coming in or spending the night in the truck. Cathy looked at me. “Well husband, should we go inside?”“Can you wrap your legs around me and hang on while I carry you?” she moved her legs around me and held on tight with her legs and her arms around my neck. I slid out of the truck and when I landed on the ground she slid down on my shaft.“Ungh, you need to bounce some more. That felt good.” I jumped up a couple of times before going in the house and got a contented “Mmmmm” from Cathy. I carried Cathy inside and hollered for the others.“We’re in the bedroom.” I carried Cathy in there and found Mercedes and Rose on their elbows and knees on the edge of the bed with their butts towards me.“What’sgoing on?”“It’s time for the position of the day. It’s called Standing Tiger / Crouching Dragon. Instead of standing between our legs you’re supposed to straddle them. With our knees together it’s supposed to fit snugger and kit the right spots.”Cathy said “Put me down I want some to.” I lifted her so my shaft would pull out then lowered her to her feet. She hurried to get on her knees next to Mercedes.“Ok who’s first?”It was Rose that said “Me, Me, Me.” I stepped behind her and straddled her legs.“My legs outside and cock in your pussy, right?”“Oh yes husband that’s what it said on the computer.” I spread her thighs, put the tip of my dick to her pussy and entered her. One push, all the way in and she moaned. “Mmmmm that feels really good. I still like the first one better but this feels real good. Fuck me more, please.” I pumped into her for the next 60 seconds and could feel it get tighter as she squeezed her thighs together. I stopped and moved to Mercedes. I slid my shaft deep and held it. “Wow, I’ve been waiting for this all day. Except when I was sick, then I wanted to cut it off.” She giggled. “I’m better now and I’m sorry I really do love it and you.” I pumped gently in her thinking about what she said.“Does that mean I should stay away when you guys get sick, just in case?”“Don’t be silly. Now do me like you love me.” I spent the rest of the 60 seconds driving into her hard.” I moved to Cathy. As I penetrated her she turned and looked back over her shoulder.“No talk just fuck me and finish what you started in the truck.” I drove into her hard and kept pounding away. Oh….damn….that’s….what ….I……want.” I didn’t stop when the time was up. I continued another minute or so until she arched her back and groaned. She collapsed to the bed pulling my cum slick shaft from her. I moved back to Rose and before I could put my dick in her she looked back.“Put it in my ass. You know you want to,” I spread her Cheeks and dribbled saliva on her pucker an pushed my thumb in. “I’m ready baby put your dick in.” I removed my thumb and aimed my shaft at her pucker and drove it all the way in one stroke. “OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, GGGGOOOODDDDD that feels so fucking good. Don’t stop, pound my ass.” I pulled her half way up with my hands on her tits and held her there as I pummeled her ass with my shaft. She had her hands in her crotch rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. I kept pounding her ass until her body stiffened and shudders went thru her. I laid her back down on the bed still rubbing her pussy and moaning.I went to move to Mercedes but Cathy was sitting on her heals between her legs waiting for me. “Let me clean it before you put it in her pussy.” She took my dick in her hand and put it to her lips then took it all in her mouth and throat wiping it with her tongue as she pulled it out. When she was done she turned to Mercedes and grinned. “I think I should make sure she is wet enough, don’t you?” She pushed her tongue between Mercedes’ swollen other lips and licked to the entrance to her pussy. There she licked and coated her hole and inner lips with her saliva until they were shiny and slick. She moved aside and guided me to Mercedes’ pussy than stayed as closed as she could to watch my shaft getting buried in that warm love glove. While I was gently stroking in Mercedes, Cathy reached round Mercedes’ leg and squeezed her clit. She jumped and looked back to see who it was. When she saw Cathy she smiled and put her head down on the bad with a moan.I felt an orgasm coming and as I pumped into Mercedes and Cathy paled with her clit. Cathy must have sensed I was ready. As I rammed one last time into Mercedes’ hot hole she started shaking and I started shooting. Cathy grabbed my balls and squeezed just on the edge of pain. I pumped more of my sperm into Mercedes than I could ever remember. Mercedesfell forward onto the bed and I fell with her. My dick was still deep in her hole. She was squeezing her cheeks together trying to keep it in. eventually she relaxed and it slipped out so I rolled off her to my side and pulled her to me.“One thing I really love about you three is that I never know what you’re up to until it happens. I like the way you make everyday new and unpredictable. I just love everything about all three of you. You know it’s only 36 hours until we get on a plane for our California vacation. We need to make sure everything is ready early tomorrow before we start playing around.”“Damn husband how long do you think it takes to pack 3-4 bikinis, a couple of micro mini’s and some sheer tops?” before I could respond they started laughing. “We’ll have our stuff packed before lunch so we can ‘play’ as you put it until dinner and go to bed early. We don’t want to be late for our first plane ride.” “Well I want to go take a quick dip and cool down. Anyone want to be my swim buddy?” We all raced out to the pool and dove in. We spent the next hour splashing around and dunking each other like a bunch of kids, except doing it now with three nude women was a lot more fun. The best part was when they had a contest to see who could give the longest, one breath, underwater, blow job. I thought they were all winners. A little after ten we called it a night and I feel asleep with Mercedes laying against me with Rose and Cathy cuddled together next to me.We slept in until noon. Not having to go to work definitely had its advantages. Besides sleeping late, waking up with three beautiful nudes each day was high on the list. I kissed some breasts, rubbed a couple of pussy’s and soon had my three nymphs cuddling me and trying to wake up. When they were fully awake I suggested we get our packing done, go out for a late lunch, come back and play for a while then go to bed real early so we could get up and be at the airport in plenty of time for our 6:30 flight. They jumped out of bed and went looking for their suit cases.I suggested that they get all their clothes together first and see if it would all go in 1 or 2 bags we could check instead of each of us having to haul carryon’s. We ended up with 2 large suitcases, a suit bag for their dresses and a small bag for all their makeup and girly stuff. They laid out what they were wearing on the flight in the family room. They were all wearing pleated miniskirts that looked so light you could wave a magazine at them and they would float up, a tube top that looked barely wide enough to cover their breasts and their 4” heels. I guess the good thing was at least they were wearing thongs.I printed out our boarding passes.Amazingly we all had ‘A’ passes with low numbers. I usually ended up one of the last on, sitting next so someone that took up a seat and a half or someone with a crying baby. When we thought we had everything ready my ladies put on sundresses and we went out for our late lunch. They wanted to go to a buffet and when we got there the place was crowded so I had to park out in a far corner of the lot. Lunch went really well. We spend most of the time talking about the trip tomorrow with the women talking about teasing on the beaches and laughing.We finished and started home. We made a quick stop at a Wal-Mart and bought each of us a small digital camera and a memory card for each. We were planning on taking lots of pictures on vacation and of the women as their pregnancies advanced. The first picture was the three of them standing with their arms around each other when we got to the truck.“Take another one dear.” Then they pulled their dresses over their heads, threw then in the truck and struck the pose again. After I took the picture they calmly got in the truck. “We want to go flashing. Can you find us some place?” I didn’t ask if they were sure. The look on their faces showed their excitement. We drove until they picked out a mom and pop store/gas station. I pulled up to the pumps and stopped. “If we’re not out in a couple of minutes come rescue us.” They hesitated a bit then all three got out and strolled to the store in only their heels.I watched thru the store windows and saw them walk around then back to the counter with stuff in their hands. Mercedes stood at the door waving at me to come in. I grabbed my camera and took some picture as I walked towards them. The one I took just before I entered the door had the three of them standing at the counter talking with the young boy behind the counter. All four had big smiles on their faces. As I stepped in Mercedes put her arm around me and gave me a kiss. “We forgot our money.” Forgot my ass, this was part of their plan. “Would you please pay this nice young man for us.” Rose and Cathy were standing together and Rose had a hand on one of Cathy's breasts.The boy behind the counter couldn’t take his eyes off Rose and Cathy. When I asked how much they owed he stuttered a moment and said, “If… if they………if they let me hold their breasts I’ll let them have it free.” The girls looked at me and Mercedes. They looked back at the boy. “Sorry but the only man that touches us is our husband.” They picked up their drinks and snack and the three of them walked back out to the truck. I gave him a twenty and told him to keep the change. In the truck they were laughing and carrying on, talking about how excited and turned on it made them standing naked in front of a total stranger. “You need to take us home now and make love to us.” We drove straight home, no more detours. They grabbed their clothes and ran inside with me close behind. I made a quick trip to the bathroom and take a pill then came back in the bedroom to find all three sitting on the edge of the bed. “We want you to fill all our holes tonight.” I reminded them we had to be up by 4am to make our flight. “Then you better set the alarm and turn it up loud.” I did that and crawled up on the bed. Mercedes knelt down over my face as the other two went to work on my cock and balls. Mercedes was supporting herself on the head board as I held her hips and sucked on her wet pussy lips. “Mmmmm honey, suck my pussy. I need your lovin.” I licked the length of her slit lapping up the moisture that had collected. I put my lips over the entrance to her hot hole and fucked her with my tongue. She pressed down on my face barely letting me breathe.Rose and Cathy were sucking and licking my Cock and balls. I could tell when they switched. Rose was more aggressive and Cathy was gentle. Kinda like good cop, bad cop. Just as I felt like I was getting close all three moved off of me. Cathy straddled my waist and lowered herself as Mercedes put my dick to her wet pussy. As she lowered herself down slowly Rose took Mercedes place on my face. I put my tongue straight in to her sweet hole, sucking in what nectar I could. As they rode my face and dick I felt Mercedes take both balls in her mouth, holding them in with her lips as she pulled on them and ran her tongue over them.I reached up and took Rose’s breast in my hands rubbing and squeezing. Her legs covered my ears but I could feel her moans thru her pussy. Cathy was riding me faster and suddenly she dropped down. I could feel her trembling and her cumming felt almost like she had pee’d on me there was so much. I felt Mercedes release my balls and start licking the juices from my crotch. Rose and Cathy got up and Mercedes continued cleaning my shaft. When she was done, she took Cathy's place on my dick but this time she leaned forward giving me access to her delicious nipples. As I sucked on them and fucked my favorite wife I felt my finish coming. “I ready baby cum with me.” I blasted a load of my cum in her as she drove down one more time. She shuddered and laid down on me.“Mmmmm that was good husband now you only have about 8 holes to go.” She got up off of me and I saw Rose standing next to the bed. She took my hand and pulled me up. “Come with me dear. We’re not doing all the work.” She led me into the living room where Cathy was leaning over the back of the couch with her hands on the seat cushions to support her.Rose joined her. “Here you go husband you have four choices.” Mercedes walked up beside me with a tube of lube. She started rubbing it on my shaft and I started rubbing it on Rose’s puckered ass. I put some on the end of my finger and pushed it in and worked it around. I put the head at her little brown hole and pushed all the way in. “Oh fuck, it’s been too long. We should do this more often.”Mercedes put some more lube on my other hand and I started working it in to Cathy as I stroked Rose. She put the lube down and got on her knees, reaching between my legs to massage my balls as I continued fucking Rose’ tight ass.Soon Mercedes moved between Cathy's legs leaning back against the couch and sucked on her clit while I was doing Rose. I reached under Rose and rubbed her Clit between two fingers and she started moaning. As I drove hard into her ass and pinched her clit hard she threw her head back and orgasmed. “Oh god, oh god that was so wonderful.”I eased my shaft out of her and moved behind Cathy. Mercedes took my shaft in her mouth and down her throat. She licked it clean as she withdrew it. She picked up the lube and put another coat on it before putting it to Cathy's ass. I pushed half way in and felt her sphincter tighten around my shaft. I gave her a slap on one ass cheek and she yelped but her ass relaxed and I pushed the rest of the way in. it wasn’t long before Mercedes tongue in her pussy and my dick pounding her ass brought Cathy a massive orgasm. She shook like she was having a seizure and was gasping for air as I continued fucking her ass. Her arms gave out and she collapsed over the couch. I pulled my dick out with a pop and she jumped but didn’t move any more. Rose had moved next to Mercedes and when I pulled out of Cathy, Rose took my dick and licked it clean while Mercedes was busy licking Cathy’s pussy dry. When Rose finished we went around and sat on the couch. Soon Cathy jumped again then stood up with Mercedes help and they walked around and joined us. Mercedes sat on the other side of me from Rose and Cathy just sat on the floor in front of me with her head on my leg. Rose was slowly sliding he hand up and down my shaft and squeezing the head.Well ladies what did you have planned now.” They looked at each other for a moment.“Nothing really, we thought you would be finished by now.”“It took almost three hours two days ago why not tonight?”“We thought maybe you’d be tired.”Mercedes saved the day for them. Let go to bed and call it a night. I know what he wants.” We went back to bed and Mercedes lay on her side and pulled me to her back. She raised one leg and put the head of my dick to her ass. “Put your meat in my ass and fuck me if you want or just hold me close and sleep.” I pushed all the way in, wrapping my arms around her as she moaned softly. Rose spooned up to my back with an arm across me and Cathy lay down facing Mercedes with her face between Mercedes breasts.The alarm rousted us out of bed a 4am. We all jumped in the shower together but because we were on a tight schedule we just soaped and rinsed each other then got out and dried off. They stayed in the bathroom to do hair and makeup as I got dressed in cargo shorts and a pullover shirt and loaded the truck. When I had the bags loaded and came back inside they were getting dressed in the family room. When they came out I was impressed they had not told me about the wigs. Besides the clothes they had laid out Mercedes had a short blue wig on, Rose’s wig was pink and Cathy had one that was purple. They were each carrying a small drawstring purse and had on oversized mirrored sunglasses. They picked up our boarding passes and flight confirmations and walked out past me with their noses in the air like snooty models. I couldn’t wait until we went thru the security screening. We parked in one of the private lots outside of the airport and took a shuttle in. They continued the snooty model act all the way. I checked our bags at curbside and caught up to them in the screening line. Mercedes lowered her glassed a little and looked down her nose at me.“It took you long enough. Can’t you go a little faster?” I played along. “Sorry ma’am.” The guy in the line passing the other way just smiled and shook his head. When they had bend down to take their shoes off I saw a lot of male heads looking their way and when they put them back on it was the security people hoping for a peek. We boarded the plane first and Mercedes took a window seat with me in the middle and Rose on the aisle. Cathy was sitting across the aisle from us. We were finally on our way.

老奶奶在不久前参加了PAX East 2022的小组讨论活动,问答环节中她被问到如果B社总监Todd Howard参与这次活动,会对他说什么。老奶奶表示:“‘就嗨’打个招呼这样?不,我会直接向他要游戏,让他快点把《上古卷轴6》做出来。”