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" Jo purred日本大尺度爱做网站

Mark paid for his lunch and walked through the school cafeteria, heading for the door leading outside to the quad. Squinting in the noon sunlight, he spotted Julie sitting under the gigantic oak next to the parking lot. By way of greeting, Julie took the apple from Mark's tray as he settled in beside her."Bio today was a bitch," she said, taking a bite of the fruit."Another pop quiz?" Mark asked."No, just more dissection. I swear we have the fattest cat I've ever seen. I feel like I can smell formaldehyde all over me."Mark leaned over and went to bury his face in Julie's chest until she laughed and pushed him away. "What? I was just trying to smell, tell you if it's noticeable. Besides, I think they use Formalin these days. Less toxic.""Whatever, genius," Julie replied, lifting her outstretched index and middle fingers up to his nose. "What's that smell like to you?"Mark took a deep breath and said "mmm, smells like you had some personal time this morning." He broke a smile as Julie playfully shoved his shoulder and groaned. After a silent moment, Julie leaned back in and gave Mark a kiss."Does that mean I was right?" He asked."So what if it does?" Julie replied, a little blush coming to her freckled cheeks. She smelled her own fingers, quickly shaking her head. "I don't know how you can tell. All I can smell is that fucking cat."Mark smiled. The truth was that he couldn't smell anything but the antiseptic stink of Formalin. However, he remembered where their AIM chat left off the night before and could easily make an educated guess."So what's your afternoon? Wanna hang out?" Julie asked. "We could see Magnolia again. We could make out while they all sing that Aimee Mann song. If you play your cards right, you might get under my shirt when the frogs start falling."Mark laughed. "I wish. But I gotta hang out with Ant and them."Julie frowned. "You always hang out with those guys. Why can't I come hang out too?""I... don't think you'd like it," Mark said. "It's just guy stuff. Lots of video games and farting." He looked over at her and could see Julie's brow creased between her eyes: a sign that she was upset. "It's.. just for today. We can hang out tomorrow, see a movie then.""It's not that, Mark," Julie said. "They go to your house like all the time. We've been hanging out for like a monthnot even counting all the chatting online and I haven't been to your house once. Are you hiding me from your parents or something?"Mark struggled to put his thoughts to words. "No of course not... and the guys have only been over once. We usually hang out at Ant's.""Have your parents heard from other parents or something? Would they not approve of you dating the school slut?""Quiet with that," Mark put force into his voice. "You know I don't care about any of those bullshit rumors going around here, and even if they are true it doesn't matter to me. I know you for real. I don't like it when you say that.""So invite me over and let them meet me! I'll be polite, I swear.""It's not that!" Mark said. "It's just that... well... you know... things are complicated with my parents. They're very... intense."Julie leaned in and cradled Mark's face in her hands. "Hey, listen. You don't have to tell me about complicated parents. Welcome to my life. But we're fifteen. They don't get to control us anymore. She kissed him again, this time parting his pursed lips with her tongue. "I like you, Mark. I want to be with you.""I want to be with you too," Mark said. "But can't we just take it slow? I like this," gesturing around him."I like it too," Julie said, taking another bite of the apple. "But more would be better."-Later, as Mark was hanging out on his couch watching MTV with Ant, Blake, Tony, and Stephen, Mark's Dad walked through the door. All five boys sat up straighter in their seats."Hey, guys,"Frank greeted the group."Dad, you're not usually home this early," Mark said."They let me out early, today. Good behavior I suppose. Is your Mother upstairs?""Yeah she said she was just getting ready to run some errands," Mark responded. His friends stared silently at the TV.Frank nodded and started walking upstairs."Dude, what the fuck?" Ant whispered as soon as Mark's Dad was out of earshot. "I thought they'd both be gone.""Me too!" Mark whispered back. "Maybe he's taking her out to dinner or something."The other guys slumped back into the couch cushions. It seemed like any hope of getting some release was quickly fading so they might as well actually watch some TV.The group watched an Offspring video on Total Request Live in silence, waiting to see what would happen upstairs.A few minutes later, Mark's Dad re-appeared on the stairs. "Mark, your Mother's not feeling well so we're going to go run those errands for her, ok?"Mark could feel the tension from his friends around him. "But...""Oh, you boys feel free to stay here. I'll have Mark back soon.""Ok, Mr. Capshaw," Ant said. "We don't want to upset Mrs. Capshaw though.""No no, she's just taking a quick nap," Frank said. "As long as you don't blast the volume, you'll be fine. You ready, Mark?""I guess," Mark said as he got up off the couch. "Guess I'll see you guys in a bit?"Mark followed his father out to the Garage and got into his car, the engine still warm from his drive home. They pulled out of the garage and wound around the drive in silence. "So are we going to the grocery store?" Mark finally asked."Not quite," Frank said. "We're running a different kind of errand today. Seeing a friend of mine real quick."Confused, Mark asked "But what about Mom?"Frank looked over at his son. "Your mom's fine. I'm sure she'll be up and about in no time."They drove on, entering the highway for a short time before exiting and turning into an unfamiliar neighborhood. Mark watched as his dad drove past houses, making turn after turn, until they slowed to a stop in front of a random two-story house.Frank picked up his car-phone and dialed a number. "Yeah, we're here," he said into the receiver. "Gotcha, five minutes." He hung up."Dad..." Mark said. "What's going on?""It's nothing bad, Son," Frank said, reading the tone of his voice. "The truth is your mother isn't sick. She just wanted us to take this trip.""What do you mean?" Mark asked."Well, how do I put this, Both your mother and I remember what it was like to be your age, and we recognize that our situation is pretty unique. You're reaching an age where things can get pretty confusing and it was never our intention to... make things more difficult for you.""They're not though," Mark said. "I really like our situation.""That's good. We do too, but you're entitled to your own life; to make your own choices. Remember when we talked about your mother watching you and your friends last week?"Mark nodded silently. He was still figuring out how he felt about that. On one hand, he wasn't surprised that she'd want to, given how worked up she got over the soaked panties every week, but he had also felt self-conscious ever since then. He kept thinking about his friends sucking on each other while he sat watching the video like nothing weird was happening. Mark felt grateful that he hadn't given in when they all asked why he wasn't interested in them going down on him.Frank continued. "Well your mother and I want you to know that we support whatever you want to do in life. We don't believe in passing judgement.""I'm not following," Mark said.Frank checked his watch then smiled. "Don't worry, son. You will. Now come on..." Frank killed the engine and got out of the car.The two men approached the front door and Frank opened it without knocking, motioning for Mark to follow behind. As Mark stepped inside, he found himself in a normal-looking living room. A couch, entertainment console, and a standing lamp set to dim were all arranged throughout the space. No one was there.Frank closed the door behind Mark then led him to a stairway leading to the second floor. Mark followed. "Who lives here?" He whispered."Friends of mine," Frank answered at full volume as he walked up the stairs. "It's ok, they're expecting us."Upstairs, Mark followed as his dad walked past several closed doors to an open doorway at the end of the hall. He could now hear what sounded like voices talking. Frank walked through the door into a dimly-lit room. Mark followed.Once his eyes adjusted, Mark could tell that he was in a large bedroom. Also, the sounds he heard were not voices talking but instead moans. The only light in the room came from a television playing a porno. He could see some guy pushing his cock into an extremely skinny and short girl in pigtails. She was moaning as all professional actresses do, the volume playing very low.Frank sat on the bed and kicked off his shoes. Unbuttoning his shirt, he patted a spot on the bed next to him. Mark, now more confused than ever, slowly walked over."I'll go first," Frank said. "You can watch this until it's your turn, ok?"Mark nodded in a daze. "What?" He asked.Frank pointed toward the door to the master bath. At first all Mark could see was darkness, but as he focused in on the doorway he could tell that the doorway was blocked by something. A black bed sheet hung from the ceiling just inside the bathroom door. Mark saw a hole cut into it at about waist height.Frank stood up and dropped his pants and jockeys. The sight of his dad's penis still took Mark by surprise. Even soft, it hung between Frank's legs like a long sausage. He watched as his dad, staring intently at the screen, started to slowly stroke his cock to get it hard. The thing swelled visibly. Mark could see it grow with each stroke, his dad's uncut sleeve peeking open to reveal a shiny glimpse of his head.Without a word, once Frank was ready he walked over to the bathroom door. Mark turned to watch him sidle up to the sheet and put his hands on his hips. Mark saw his dad's butt cheeks clench as he stuck his dick through the hole in the sheet. He heard something shift in the bathroom, a voice whispered "Now use both hands."From this angle, Mark could only see his dad's ass cheeks clenching but he could still tell he was pushing his hips forward in rhythmic pulses. A tiny voice whispered "like that?"Mark got up and walked closer to get a better look. Frank's cock disappeared into the hole right at the hilt, but the sheet shifted and moved from someone on the other side. Now that he was closer, he could hear small suckling sounds, kisses, moans. "That's it" a deeper voice whispered.Frank grunted, pushing his hips forward even further. Mark heard a gagging sound come from behind the sheet followed by tiny little coughs. "Don't stop," Frank said. The gagging continued, followed by a hushed whisper saying "it's too big.""Use your tongue," the deeper voice whispered. Frank's body shuddered. "Fuck that feels good," he said to himself.More wet sounds behind the curtain, rising in tempo to match Frank's pace. His shallow breathing told Mark that he was getting close.Frank gasped and pushed his body into the sheet. Immediately, Mark heard coughing from the bathroom. "Swallow it, honey" the deeper voice whispered. Several more quiet sounds ensued.Finally, Mark's dad pulled back, revealing his intimidating cock an inch at a time. When the head finally slid free of the sheet, it glimmered in the light of the TV. Still catching his breath, Frank fell back onto the bed. His thick cock flopped up against his belly, revealing heavy balls still heaving in their sack. Mark couldn't help but stare at the size of his father's cock. It was the biggest he'd ever seen. Bigger than Tony's even."Your turn," Frank panted, pointing to the hole.Mark regarded the doorway. He could see nothing but darkness through the hole, but he heard movement in the dark space. He looked back at the TV, where the girl in pigtails was now getting her mouth filled by one man while another took her from behind.Mark undid his fly and opened his jeans. It felt good to release his cock, which flopped out quickly and started poking forward into the air."It's ok, son," Frank said. "Go ahead."Mark nodded and stepped up to the sheet. The ring around the hole was still warm and slightly damp from his father. He stuck his cock through the hole and waited to see what would happen.Mark felt warm hands take him and start to rub with expert precision. They wasted no time, one hand immediately cradling his balls while the other slid down the length of his shaft to wrap tight around his base. A warmth enclosed his cockhead, slowly enveloping him inch by inch. The mouth easily took all of him, running a writhing tongue underneath that extended out and flicked against his balls as lips pressed around his base. Mark felt the mouth make a seal and start sucking.The feeling was unbelievable. It was amazing how different it felt from his mother's mouth. Mom's blowjobs felt incredible, like she was worshipping every little piece of him, but this new feeling was something different. It was almost as if the woman behind this sheet was hungry to devour him, knew every move to make in order to make him feel as good as possible as fast as possible.Mark felt a snugness around his tip constrict and heard muffled deep moans. The strong hands kept their hold on him, letting that mouth retreat until he could barely feel any contact then immediately dive all the way down on him. It was intoxicating. Mark leaned back, pushing his crotch forward and letting it happen.Messy gurgling sounds came from the dark room. Moans, constantly interrupted and distorted by Mark's cock distending their mouth, came in a steady stream. It sounded like someone was eating a lollipop in the messiest possible way back there. He wondered if this was how Julie would feel when the time was finally right to move forward with her. A wave of guilt washed over him then, as it usually did when thoughts of Julie and sex came into his mind.As if the mouth behind the sheet could feel Mark's thoughts, the hand's grip tightened on his base and the mouth started swirling up and down quickly, rising until the lips just rubbed the rim of his head before pushing back down. The intensity of sensation brought Mark's mind back to matters at hand; he quickly felt a load building in his balls.Without a sound, Mark started cumming. It happened faster than he could realize, sneaking up on him. The orgasm itself didn't peak until his third or fourth spurt directly into the mouth on the other side of the screen.A distinctly male voice came from the bathroom, saying "oh god."Mark, too caught up in his cum to notice or care, rode the wave, pushing as much seed out as he could into the eagerly accepting mouth. The warmth never left him, suckling his cock and quickly swallowing anything he offered.It wasn't until he had finished cresting that ridge, the calm returning to his breath, did the mouth relent. The talented hands released him, the warmth slipping away until there was just the tip of a tongue running up underneath his head, taking up the last little drip of his explosion.Mark's knees shook. He stepped back, pulling his jeans back up and stuffing his sticky wet cock into his undies, and looked back at his smiling father."Feel good?" He asked."Uh huh." It was all Mark could say.Frank nodded and stood up. "Let's go." He left the bedroom without another word, leading his son back downstairs and out through the front door. Once they were back in the car and pulling out of the drive-way, Frank spoke up. "Quite something, wasn't it?""Yeah, I'll say," Mark said. "How do you... You're friends with her?""Who says it was a "she" back there?" Frank asked.Mark thought about this."Listen, Mark... You might think that some things are not allowed, like maybe you're not allowed to do stuff with other guys because you like women. But things aren't so cut and dry. In reality, most people think that it's more like a scale, with only being attracted to women on one end and only being attracted to men on the other.""Are you saying that was a guy?" Mark had a hard time following."I'm saying it doesn't matter who was behind that curtain. It felt good, right?""Yeah.""So who cares if it was a man or woman. If it felt good." Frank turned out of the neighborhood."So where does that put me on the spectrum?" Mark asked.Frank shrugged. "You'll have to figure that out on your own. But I don't want you to get freaked out or think something's wrong if you find that you have some of these feelings. It's natural. There's nothing wrong with it. Ok, son?""Ok." Mark thought about what his dad told him. After a minute, he asked "so where are you on the scale?""I put myself at a... two, maybe sometimes three. I'm not really attracted to men, but I'm not afraid of them either.""Oh," Mark said. "And Mom is ok with... this?"Frank smiled. "Your mother wanted me to have this talk with you. She knows about my friend and that I see them from time to time.""She doesn't get upset?""Your mother and I have a very special connection, just like she has with you. I love Jo as a wife, as a lover, as the mother to my child. Many different ways, just like you love her both as a mom and a lover. My feelings for her don't diminish just because I get urges to try new things from time to time. Life's too short and too hard to deny yourself the few things that bring you happiness. Remember that, Mark. Don't go through life hating it. Your mother understands that and agrees wholeheartedly."Mark listened intently. "Does she..."Frank answered. He looked over at his son. "Your mother is very special. She will never be satisfied by just one man. Not even two. Do you understand?"-Blake took a videocassette out of his bookbag. "What do you think?" he whispered."He said she was asleep, I say we go for it," Ant answered, already pulling his cock from his pants."Yeah me too," Stephen said.With that, Blake got up and slid the tape into the VCR. After a moment of panic due to switching video modes before turning the volume down, he settled back on the couch and unzipped his pants to join the others."God she's so hot," Ant said, staring at the screen. "I'd fuck her so hard.""Shhh," Stephen whispered. "We have to keep it down.""Why's that?" Jo asked from the stairway landing.All four boys jumped, their hands reflexively going to their lap to cover themselves. They looked back and saw Jo casually descend the stairs wearing a white satin nightgown tied at her waist."Sorry to interrupt," she said as she stepped off the final stair out into the living area. Ant could see the outline of her firm breasts through the silky fabric. "But I know you boys usually do this when I'm not home."Standing in front of them, Jo untied her waistband and let the short nightgown fall open, exposing her bare chest. "Don't you usually use these?" She asked, shifting her hips forward and thumbing the waistband of a pair of white lace panties pulled snug against her.The boys on the couch stared silently. No one dared speak. Ant watched as Jo shimmied the panties off her hips and let them fall to between her knees. Later, at home when he would close his eyes and think back to this moment to make himself cum, he would swear he saw a tiny glistening string of liquid stretch between Mrs. Capshaw's pussy and the crotch of her panties as she took them down.Jo bent as she lifted a leg, hooking her undies on her index finger and holding them up after stepping out of them. Keeping her gown open, she slowly sauntered to the closest boy and dropped the pair into his hands. "I made them nice and warm for you. You can use them down here watching that tape or..." Her eyes looked up at the stairwell. She let the thought linger a second then started walking back up the stairs. All she heard from behind her were the muffled fake moans of the porn actress on the TV.Ant examined the white lace panties that had just fallen into his lap. The cotton gusset was slick with wet, warm to the touch. He looked over at the others, afraid to move until Mrs. Capshaw was out of sight. The others looked at him, eyes open wide and mouths agape in astonishment.Tony looked up at the stairway."What do you..." Blake started to ask but Ant was already on his feet, turning toward the stairs.The others stood up as well, following behind Ant as they all silently went upstairs.The four boys cautiously walked down the upstairs hallway, like there were going to be Indiana Jones style traps or something. The door to the master bedroom loomed open at the far end beyond. There was absolute quiet.Ant reached the doorway first. Inside, he saw Mrs. Capshaw laying on her bed, the nightgown discarded on the floor. She lay on her back with one leg casually turned outward, revealing her smooth slit. Bright contrasting tanlines made an invisible bikini on her skin, pale triangular patches over each breast and a line below her bellybutton calling more attention to her sex.The boys shuffled in one by one, forming a row. They each gawked openly at the naked woman laying before them.Very slowly, Jo looked over at the boys, making eye contact with each one before letting her eyes roam down toward the bulges each hid in their jeans. Finally, she spoke. "Who's first?"-A lightbulb went off and Mark finally understood what his father was trying to tell him "She's going to sleep with my friends, isn't she." It was more of a statement than a question."This doesn't mean she loves you any less. It's important that you know that" Frank said as he entered the highway. "I understand, I guess," Mark said."It's just like what we just did," Frank continued. "Sometimes it feels good to try something different. It doesn't change anything with your mother. We talked about all of this long ago and have an understanding.""I guess so," Mark said. "It's just that... It's different with my friends. They'll talk and laugh behind my back. I wouldn't care if it was some stranger."Frank chuckled. "They won't talk or laugh behind your back. Think about it. Do you think they'll want to start hanging around with you less after this? That they'll want to stop coming to the house? No, son. They'll think they're keeping the best secret in the world, except you already know. What's better is that they don't know that you know, so you can mess with them."Mark thought about this. He guessed it made sense. While it was true that they would now have a secret between them, Mark was already used to living with plenty of secrets. If they pissed him off, he could ask Mom to punish them. And besides, if his dad was ok with it, what right did he have being jealous?"There's another thing, Mark," Frank said after allowing his son some time to digest. "What you have with your mom is special and she will always love you, but you'll be out of the house in a few years when you go to college. I know it's fun now, but sooner or later you'll want to start your own life. We don't want to limit that for you. It's healthy to go out and meet other people and be close with them. Both me and your mother want that for you.""Really?" Mark suddenly felt nervous. She wouldn't mind if... I mean, she won't be jealous if I ever...""Not at all! We'd be thrilled if you met someone! All we ask is that you respect the privacy that we share between us and don't take that lightly, but if you... when you get close with someone you will want to share every part of your life with them. That will be something that we can address when we need to, but no, Mark. All we want is for you to be happy and fulfilled.""Yeah I know," Mark said."Good, I'm glad."-"Who's first?" Jo asked."Me," Ant said. He stepped forward, hurriedly fussing with his pants and kicking off his shoes.The other boys also started to disrobe, pulling shirts over their backs and hopping around on one foot to pull socks off.Ant crawled up onto the foot of the bed, not bothering to pull his jeans off past his ankles. His cock pointed toward Jo like a lance."You want me? You want this pussy?" Jo purred. "Come to Mommy. Jam that cock into me. Come here, baby." She pulled her legs toward her so her knees pointed toward either wall.Ant climbed forward, fumbling with the last of his clothes as his arm slipped and he almost collapsed on top of her. His body acting on pure reflex, he started pushing his hips forward, grinding his cock against Jo's belly."Easy, Tiger," Jo whispered. She reached down, taking him in one hand and pushing him back so she could guide him to her."You're so fuckin' hot, Mrs. Capshaw. I've jerked off to you like a thousand times," Ant whispered back."And now this is happening," Jo smiled, feeling his cockhead - hot like fire - at her gates. She released the pressure on her hand and his body slid forward, entering her."Oh fuck," Ant's body immediately spasmed, jack-rabbiting into her as fast as he could."Oh?... Oh..." Jo's body made the bed squeak as she was shaken by the jackhammer pounding. The boy was going so fast, she barely felt more than quick stabs of penetration. Mercifully, he began to slow down after a few seconds. "That's better, Baby... relax and feel me around you-"Ant groaned. He had lasted for what felt like an eternity before finally giving in, unleashing his virgin seed into Mrs. Capshaw's hot pussy.Jo resisted her laughter. The poor boy. At least she could feel the warmth of his cum shooting into her, coating her insides. It was a start."I did it!" Ant yelled as he dismounted her. "I fuckin' did it! Yeah!" Still erect, he stood off the bed and looked to his friends for a high five. Blake, one hand on his own cock, quickly lifted his other to congratulate his friend. "How was it, dude?""So fuckin' hot, man. It was amazing. Get in there!" Ant slapped Blake's ass as he crossed behind him, heading for a chair at the far corner of the bedroom to collapse into."Who's next?" Jo asked, legs still spread eagle but her slit now glistening with Ant's cum as well as her own wet.Blake stepped forward and raised his hand."Come here, baby," Jo purred, hooking her finger at him. "And bring that hard cock with you."Blake climbed on top of her, assuming the position. He looked down between them and whispered "Aren't you supposed to... clean up?""Don't worry, baby. Go ahead," Jo whispered back. "It'll feel good I promise."Blake nodded and lowered his hips, allowing Mrs. Capshaw to take him in her hand and put him where he needed to be. "Ready?" He asked.In response, Jo bucked her hips off the bed, enveloping Blake's head in sticky tight warmth.Blake moaned and sank into her, breaking his cherry.Jo felt every inch enter her. "Hopefully this one lasts a little longer," she thought to herself.Blake started to jack rabbit just like his friend. Jo put a hand to his chest and stopped him. "What's the hurry?" She whispered. "I'm not going anywhere...""...ok," Blake said, slowing his pace to a more moderate tempo.Over Blake's shoulder, Jo saw another boy approach. This steed was presenting a very impressive offering. "Well hello... big boy..." Jo's breath catching each time Blake slammed into her pelvis. "Bring that... thing here... let Mommy... kiss it..."Tony approached the side of the bed, working his fat head in one hand while holding the base of his cock in the other. As he got closer, Jo rotated her position to where her head was close to the edge of the bed. She looked up at Tony's thick shaft with wonder. She opened her mouth wide.Without a word, Tony spread his stance and lowered the head of his dick into Jo's mouth. Her lips gripped it greedily and she started sucking, pulling more of him into her until he filled her mouth."I can't believe this is happening," Blake said, increasing his pace. His cock dipped into Mrs. Capshaw like a hot knife through warm butter. What she said couldn't have been more true; her pussy was warm and gooey and soft and wet. He couldn't even start to think about how good it felt.Jo's tongue found its way under Tony's shaft, reaching out and urging him forward to fill her throat. Silently, he reached down and put his palm against her forehead, using it as a guide to slide deeper into her throat.Jo gagged and spasmed beneath Blake's thrusting body. The sight of her swallowing Tony's huge cock like that was too much for him. "I'm gonna cum, Mrs. Capshaw!"Blake started pulling back, withdrawing from her. Jo wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him back, trapping him inside her and feeling his cock swell in preparation of exploding.Tony pulled back to let her breathe and a scream escaped from Jo's mouth. Blake's awakening pre-orgasm shudder had triggered a wave in her center. A sharp and quick climax gripped her, fueled by the second load now pouring into her. She clenched him hard, milking his shaft with her kegels as she exhaled a long slow breath that made her neck tingle."Fuck yeah, man! You made her cum!" Ant yelled from a million miles away.Jo let her legs relax, flopping down on the bed as Blake pulled out of her. Another shudder ran through her, making her pussy quiver. As Blake disappeared, Tony's face appeared above her. She felt him slide his thighs under hers, propping her legs up on his shoulders as he kneeled before her. Already, he felt his cock laying on her mound. This boy was blessed."Can I?" He whispered.Jo nodded and smiled. Warmth was washing over her, building back up. Tony looked down and fiddled about for a second before she felt his dull thick hardness against her. She opened herself as he pushed then she felt herself start to stretch. Jesus.The new sensation - his insistent pressure - tripped all of Jo's sensors. He almost felt like her husband but with that diamond hardness, that intensity that only came with youth."Push it into me, baby. Fill me up," Jo whispered."Yes, ma'am,国产精品久久久久久精品" Tony said. For some reason this sent Jo off. Another ripple of pleasure shot up her spine. Her legs wrapped around him, beckoning him forward.Slowly, interminably slow, Tony started to fuck her. Jo gave him a minute to get used to her before saying something. "Faster, baby. Let me feel it.""I'm not hurting you?" Tony whispered.So that was it. He was being careful."Fuck me harder, baby. You won't hurt me."With that, Tony pushed in deeper, tagging her cervix. "That's it. Now faster," She squeezed down on him. Jesus, his size felt good."Yes, ma'am," Tony replied.Another wave. "Yesss. Keep calling me that.""Ma'am?""Yes. say 'Fuck me, ma'am'"A moment's hesitation as Tony's pace quickened. The room filled with wet slapping sounds as he bore down to the hilt. "Fuck me, ma'am"An arrow shot from her pussy and exploded in Jo's brain. All she could do was scream. Somewhere, adrift amidst the blossoming fire, she felt Tony shudder and stop, felt his final push, the gush rifling through him.When she came back to the world, all three boys were standing next to the fourth, repeating "fuck her" with an edge of taunting that Jo didn't care for."What's happening?" She asked the group of nude boys."Stephen lost his boner," Ant called out.Jo recognized the fourth boy - presumably Stephen - from the video. He was frantically working his dick as he blushed and tried to laugh along with the other boys. She propped herself up on her shoulders and said"he's probably just shy. Why don't you boys head downstairs and give us some privacy."Blake and Tony looked to Ant, who nodded and clapped Stephen on the shoulder. "We warmed her up good for you, buddy!" The three boys exited the bedroom, leaving Stephen alone staring down at Jo."It's ok," Jo said in a soothing tone. "Come here and sit beside me on the bed," she patted a spot next to her.Stephen hesitated before slowly walking forward and sitting down, looking at the floor. "Sorry, I'll be good to go in a second I swear.""You don't have to if you don't want to," Jo told him. "But I think we can figure out a way where we both have some fun."Stephen turned so he could see her face. "How do you mean?"Jo smiled and reached her hand down between her legs. Pushing a little, she brought up two fingers coated in opalescent white semen. "Taste it," she told him.Stephen stared at her hand, unmoving."It's ok, I won't tell them," she whispered.Stephen looked from her fingers to her eyes then back to her fingers, bending over and wrapping his lips around them. He ran his tongue between them, sucking up every bit of what she offered."You don't have to be ashamed of what turns you on," Jo told him, reaching down to dip her fingers inside her gaping pussy once more to scoop out more load. "Eat some more."Stephen opened his mouth to accept Jo's fingers, slurping them clean before releasing them. She could see him hardening."Tastes good doesn't it?" Jo asked. "Even mixed with my cream?"Stephen nodded."Why don't you go down and let me feed you." Jo eased back against the pillow, keeping her knees up and open. She could feel the AC against her battered sex. She watched as Stephen swung around, laying on his stomach and sliding up to her. "Don't think about my pussy. Close your eyes and just put your mouth on it, ok?"Stephen nodded and did as he was told, locking his warm lips down on either side of hers.Jo shifted her hips back and clenched her ass. After a few squeezes, she could feel warmth slide out of her into Stephen's waiting mouth. She felt him moan against her as the cocktail mixture of his friends' cum slid onto his tongue. "That's it, baby. Clean me out." She rolled her hips, engaging her kegels. Stephen's tongue dipped into her, searching for more. She felt him lapping at her like a dog, hungry for more."That's it. That cum tastes good doesn't it..." More moans vibrated into her. Jo let him relish the taste before stretching over toward her bedside table. Feeling the movement, Stephen lifted his head to see what was happening. His chin, slick with sex, dripped down onto Jo's clit.Jo opened the drawer and rooted around for what she was looking for. After a moment, she pulled out a small cylindrical bottle of lube. Going back in, she fished through the contents until she found the gemstone plug. A modest affair, the stainless steel mushroom was only an inch and a half long, blooming from a dull point to almost spherical roundness before tapering back down to a small rod connected to a wide flat base with a pretty pink gemstone glued to the bottom."Come here, baby. Let's get you off." Jo reached down and gently pulled Stephen's hair up toward her. Sliding down against her pillow, she urged the young man to crawl over her, straddling her torso with his knees up against her armpits. From here, Stephen's cock stuck out over her chest. She could see that he had hardened somewhat but was nowhere near how worked up all of his friends had been. "Don't be nervous, I guarantee that you'll like this." Jo popped the bottle of lube open and squeezed a drop onto the tip of the metal plug. Rubbing a few fingers down over the smooth silver shape, she held the plug by its gemstone base and made it slick. Next, she lifted her hips off the bed, bucking Stephen forward onto his knees.He looked down, absorbed with what Jo had in her hand. "What's that for?" He asked."You'll see," She smiled. "Now come a bit closer." Jo wrapped an arm around Stephen's ass so he would scoot forward, sticking his dick closer to her mouth. Now with proper reach, her index finger quickly slipped between his cheeks and found his asshole. She quickly rubbed more lube in tight circles around it."Whoa," Stephen jerked in surprise."Ok?" Jo asked, looking up past his hardening cock toward his face."Just cold is all. I'm fine," Stephen replied. His body betrayed any protest as more blood flowed into his cock.Jo used one hand to keep Stephen's cheeks spread and brought the other around to press the tip of the plug against his oiled hole. "Try to relax, baby. It goes in easier that way. Push out like you have to fart." She felt him open up for her and pushed with slow yet insistent pressure. The plug started to disappear inside him."Oh god," Stephen said, mostly to himself.Jo continued her pressure, not relenting until she felt the resistance give way and that *pop* of the widest part of the plug passing Stephen's sphincter. His ass quickly gobbled up the remaining narrow rod, sealing the gemstone snug against his rosebud."How does that feel?" She looked up at him, bringing her hands back around to start stroking his cock."Unbelievable," Stephen responded. "How did you know I was... this was what I wanted?""A girl knows," Jo said with a smile. "Now here's what I want you to do." She slid further underneath him to where his cock rested on her face. "Close your eyes," she said.Stephen took a deep breath and closed his eyes, turning his head up toward the ceiling."Now I want you to pretend it's not my mouth that you feel. Instead, pretend it's Mark's mouth.""Y-Your son?" Stephen asked."That's what you want isn't it? Fucking my son's mouth? Sticking your cock into his face?" Her hands squeezing him at the base of his cock now. "Or would you rather feed your other friends? Tell me." She pulled back her neck and stretched her mouth open, fitting him into her mouth."Um... "Jo wrapped her arms around his waist, grabbing at his ass cheeks and forcing him further forward into her throat."What I really want is for Mark to suck me while I..."Jo slid a finger up and pressed hard against the gemstone, pulsing pressure against it on then off, on then off."Oh jesus,"She felt him swell in her mouth and doubled down on her efforts, tapping on the plug with her nails to get the vibrations deep into him while taking his cock deep enough down to bring forth stringy sticky spit that let his cock slide in and out faster."Oh Mark..." Stephen's head rolled along his shoulders, eyes still closed. He started thrusting his hips forward in sync with Jo's movements in order to stick deep into her mouth then bare his weight against the pressure of her fingers against his plugged asshole. The slippery metal shifted and sucked in when he clenched against it, the unyielding metal was pleasant torture against his constricting anus.Jo moaned, unafraid to let out gagging and burping noises as Stephen offered her his cock. Gasping for breath whenever he pulled out, Jo whispered "Feed my son your cock. Make him suck you down.""Yeah... yeah..." Stephen fell into a daze.Jo felt him harden, felt his muscles every time they clenched. She wiggled the gemstone inside him, stretching his limits. Pushing her fingers underneath the base plate, she started sliding it halfway in and out of him while running her tongue under his cockhead. The small toy slid easily until the widest part hit his ring. She tugged at it roughly then slammed it home"God, Tony, you're so big," Stephen whimpered."Take it," Jo grunted. "Take that cock."Her arm started to ache from the tension. She held Stephen in control, essentially locking Stephen in a one-woman double team. As he slid out of his plug, his cock plunged into her throat. When he pulled back, the metal toy was waiting."Mark you're gonna make me cum!" Stephen yelled."Do it, Cum down my throat," Jo growled. She felt him jab at her with youthful intensity, as if his cock were a rocket that could not be harnessed or controlled. She relaxed her throat and took it, breathing when she could."Fuck me Tony! Agghh..." Stephen threw his head back, looking straight up at the ceiling, and started to unload.Jo was ready and let him shoot directly into her throat. She felt hints of warmth splashing down her gullet but could taste nothing. While he was still in the throes, she popped the plug out of him quickly in one swift movement, surprising a shudder out of him as he started to catch his breath.Letting him pull out, Jo looked up and smiled. "We got there, didn't we.""Oh yeah," A voice said from behind them.Stephen twisted at the waist and looked back at the door where Ant, Tony, and Blake were watching them. Still nude, the three boys were in various states of excitement. Ant, already fully erect, stood with his arms crossed over his chest and feet widely planted. Blake, also hard, stood with his hands on his hips. Tony nonchalantly stroked his half-hard monster."Oh fuck.. Guys I..." Stephen started. Jo could feel his body tensing."Perfect timing," Jo interrupted. "Stephen, Let me see you suck Ant's cock.""What?" The two of them said in unison."You heard me, boys. Or is that something you only do when girls are not present?"The boys looked at each other, shrugging their shoulders.Slowly, Stephen got up off the bed and knelt in front of his friend. He looked up, silently asking permission.Ant nodded.Stephen gulped down hungrily on his buddy's cock, sucking with natural talent."Now," Jo said. "Round two, anyone?"-Frank pulled off the highway and turned toward his neighborhood. The two had been riding in silence for several minutes."Dad, about what you said," Mark took a deep breath."I have been sort of seeing this one girl.""Oh yeah?" Frank looked over at his son. "Is it serious?""No. Well, I mean... We haven't really done anything. I mean nothing, like...""How many points would it have cost with your mom?" Frank asked.Mark did a little quick math. Making out wasn't really on Mom's list of activities - it just sort of came with the other stuff - but the over-the-clothes groping would've cost 10 and he considered what he and Julie did last time they hung out as a handjob which was another 30. The real good stuff came with higher point costs (like blowjobs at 50, full on sex at 100). "Um, I think everything together would cost around 50," he finally answered."That's not bad. I don't need to tell you to use protection if you get into triple digits, do I? Your mother's been fixed but girls your age are biologically engineered to get pregnant.""Geez, of course, Dad. I'm just saying... we've been hanging out a lot lately. She's asked to meet you several times."Frank nodded in understanding. "That's why you've been down lately? You're afraid to introduce us to her?""It's not that, exactly," Mark struggled for the words. "I'm just afraid of how, you know, Mom... would take it.""She will be thrilled to hear you've met someone, Son. You should never worry about that. We trust your judgement and if you feel serious enough to want us to meet, then we should.""You're serious that she won't be jealous?" Mark asked, his cheeks flushed red as he finally faced his true fear."Of course not!" Frank reached out and shook his son by the shoulder. "I'm sure she'll be as happy and proud of you as I am.""Really?" Mark asked."Really! Are you kidding me?"Mark felt about a thousand pounds of weight lift from his shoulders. "Wow, That's amazing to hear. Thanks, Dad.""You should invite her over for dinner. Your mom will cook whatever you want.""That would be cool," Mark said."What's this girl's name?" Frank asked, pulling into their driveway."Uhh... Julie. Julie Baldwin.""Julie Baldwin?" Frank asked."Yeah.""As in Miles and Nadya's daughter?" Frank asked."Yeah, why?" Mark looked over at his dad, puzzled.The car pulled into the garage."Nothing. We know them, that's all. Funny coincidence. Come on, let's go see how your mother's feeling."The two men got out of the car and entered the house. They found the kitchen and living area deserted and dark. Without any lights on, the dimming dusk light outside cast everything in blue gloom.Frank flipped the kitchen light switch and called out "Hello? We're back!""Up here," Mark's mom called from upstairs.Frank dropped his car keys in the tray and started toward the stairs. Mark, unsure of whether or not he should follow, took a sip of water from the tap."Can you both come up?" Jo called.Frank looked back at his son and waited for him to catch up on the stairs before continuing. Together, they walked down the darkened upstairs hallway toward the master bedroom.A flickering orange glow warmed the room as they entered. Jo, who had lit the room in candlelight, sat on the edge of the bed wearing a lavender babydoll. Delicate lace stretched across her petite breasts to tie in a pretty bow at her chest before spreading open across her flat belly to reveal a distinct lack of panties. Jo's hair, still damp from her shower, hung loose down to her shoulders."My special men," she cooed. She stood and held her arms toward them. "Come here."Mark looked to his father for guidance.Frank nodded toward his wife then started unbuttoning his shirt.Mark turned back to his mom, crossing the room to her. She wrapped him into her arms and embraced him, favoring him with a deep long kiss. He felt her tongue playfully dart into his mouth before she pulled away, sucking on his bottom lip."Take your shirt off, honey," Jo whispered. She reached for his belt and tugged it out of it's loop in order to unbuckle it.Mark hesitated. He was sure that now wasn't the time to bring it up, but he currently only had 40 points. He felt her hand snake inside his waistband and find his cock, still sticky from the gloryhole.A moan escaped Jo's lips. She could feel the spit on her son's dick and knew Frank had taken him to see Candy and Kenneth. Part of her wanted to stop and ask him all about it, to ask Frank how their talk went... but her kitty demanded satisfaction and it could not be denied. She pulled Mark free of his pants and whispered "I need you inside me, Marky. I need your cock."Frank appeared at Mark's side. He could see that his dad had completely disrobed. He gently rubbed Jo's shoulder as he stood at her side. Mark looked down and could see his dad's baseball bat starting to swell as it hung inches away from Jo's hand, currently busy stroking her son's dick.Mark looked up at his Dad. "Is this... ok, Dad?" He asked.Jo, who now had her son totally nude and standing in a pile of his own clothes, grabbed both of their cocks and gave them a look. "Everything is ok between us tonight. You are my special men and I love you both so much. I need you. Both. Now."Jo swivelled her hips, pushing her ass up against her husband's dick as she tugged her son forward. With his ankles caught in his pant legs, Mark easily turned and sat on the edge of the bed as Jo gently led him by his cock. She then bent over him, nudging him to slide further up and lay on the bed as she went on all fours above him.Mark slid back until he felt pillows behind him then he watched as his mom seductively crawled on the bed toward him. Her babydoll, now hanging down along her sides but still perfectly cupping her breasts in pretty lace, tickled his legs as she advanced.Jo crawled forward until she hovered above her son's groin then lowered her mouth down onto his cock. She could feel him hardening as she engulfed him, running her tongue along the side as her lips slid down on his shaft to the base. She toyed him with her tongue, flicking back and forth across the base of his shaft as she felt him continue to grow. The stickiness of the last person to suck on him quickly mixed with her own slick saliva as she suckled and worshipped her son's cock. She raised her head, releasing him inch by inch until just his head stayed warm and safe in her mouth before descending again, gobbling him up like the perfect boy that he was.From Mark's perspective, he watched as his mom bobbed down on him, enveloping his dick with warmth. He could see his dad standing behind her with his hands on her hips, gyrating his crotch against her ass. Frank's eyes also looked down at the back of Jo's head bobbing up and down. Mark watched as his dad also began to sink, disappearing behind his mom's raised ass.Mark slid his hands down and searched out Jo's nipples. He felt her soft skin through the patchwork of lace and quickly found two hard pebbles trying to poke through. He took each between two fingers and began tweaking and lightly pinching them. Jo started to moan with him in her mouth. The sensation felt unbelievable. His fingers explored some more and slid underneath the lace, finding his mom's nipples directly. He tugged on them.Jo felt her husband's tongue enter her and couldn't help but moan. Between Mark's cock in her mouth, his hands on her breasts, and now Frank's mouth pressed against her sex, she felt conscious thought start to float away. This was what she was always chasing: life giving way to pure pleasure. Those rare moments when she could take a vacation from her thoughts and let her body revel in unrelenting sensation were like a drug to her. She had almost gotten there earlier but each boy was frustratingly quick with their jackrabbiting hips and lack of self control. While the effect was flattering and the cum felt good blasting into and all over her, by the time each of the straight boys had given her two loads (the gay one sucking them hard and cleaning them up afterward, choosing to jack off on his own), Jo was a ball of frustration. She needed a real fuck, someone who knew what he was doing and could last longer than ten seconds.Another part of her yearned for Mark and Frank on a deeper level as well. While it was fun to indulge in her fantasies and entertain a group of teenage boys, it didn't fulfill her like family did. She wanted to prove to them, mostly to Mark since Frank already knew, that they were who really mattered to her.Frank pushed his tongue into his wife's pussy. She was already dripping by the time he got down there, but truth be told he loved her taste. As sweet as Candy was, Jo was still her special little girl and always would be. Seeing her please Mark like this - until now he had been happy to give them their space in fear of intimidating the boy and making him feel uncomfortable - was good to see. It was amazing how worked up he got her. Errant thoughts of Nadya Baldwin entered his mind then disappeared just as quickly. That was something they'd have to deal with, but not tonight. Tonight was about us.Jo felt Frank's tongue slide up and swirl around her rosebud. She opened up for him and he pushed in, wetting her down as his tongue plunged into her. She could no longer fit Mark all the way in her mouth without pushing against her throat. It meant he was ready for her. She popped him out of her mouth, careful to leave a trail of spittle to connect him to her lips, then smiled up at him. Mark's face, so perfect and pure, blushed red. How could he still be so modest!?As she went down on him, Mark couldn't help but think about his buddies. Ant, Blake, Tony, and Stephen. Did she fuck all of them? If she did, who did she like best? They all talked a big game with her panties in their hands but Mark knew they were all virgins. Sometimes he had to keep quiet about correcting their misinformed notions of what a woman liked or how they behaved. He wondered how they reacted to such a force of nature as his mom. He remembered their beginnings and how naive he was back then. All energy and no technique. The lessons she imparted would serve him well for the rest of his life. Her tutelage was already paying off with Julie, who didn't believe it for a second that he had never touched a girl before.Mark looked down and saw Jo smiling up at him, a trail of spit leading from her lips to his cockhead. That he was thinking of Julie with his own mother sucking his dick made him blush, but he quickly moved past it as Jo went back to her hands and knees and continued to crawl up toward his face. Ready for her kiss this time, he greeted her with his own tongue, rubbing up against hers and writhing together as their lips met. Mark closed his eyes and enjoyed the way she felt, her knees straddling his hips now as she kissed him. He could feel the lace of her babydoll push up against his chest, her nipples pressed down against him.Jo reached down and sat on her son, guiding him between her velvety opening. He slipped into her without resistance, twitching as she pushed her clit down until she felt his pubic hair. God, he felt good in her. He was like a perfect fit. His head just tickled her cervix as she shifted her hips forward, driving his shaft forward in turn. As she rolled her hips back, his cock pivoted inside her and mashed up against her G-spot. "That's my boy, my perfect baby boy," she whispered. "Fuck me, Marky."Mark's world became the beautiful woman on top of him. He stared intently into her face, watching her eyes roll back and mouth fall open whenever he lifted his hips enough to put pressure onto her clit. The power he felt, his cock having this effect on someone, intoxicated him. He slowly started to move his hips against her rhythm, pulling apart from her before crashing back together. He could hear the slick sounds of himself diving into her, feel the grool collect around his base, drip down to soak his balls. Then he saw his dad appear over her shoulder.Watching Jo lower herself onto his son's cock had an immediate effect on Frank. His cock, up till now slowly swelling but still recovering from Candy's mouth, immediately grew hard. The kind of hard he got in the mornings when he had to piss or after he denied himself for a day or two to build up a heavy load. He watched his wife fuck his son and knew what he had to do.Frank retrieved the lube from the nightstand and slicked himself down. Using both hands, he covered himself from head to base then slowly crept up onto the bed. Straddling both Mark's and Jo's legs, he went down on one knee and circled Jo's asshole with his lube-slick finger. She immediately opened up to let his finger in. He quickly transferred any lube on his fingers onto her then took hold of her hips, lowering down as much as he could to figure out a workable angle. His cock rested against her ass and lower back.Jo felt her husband behind her and knew what he wanted. She pressed down on Mark, slowing his rhythm, then slid her hips as far back as she could while still keeping her son inside. Lowering her face down onto the pillow beside Mark's head, she whispered "just stay still for a second, honey. Daddy's joining the party."Mark heard his mom's words but didn't immediately make sense of them. Her pussy felt too good and he was just starting to work himself up toward release when she slowed him down and put all of her weight on him. Bearing her entire body weight made him feel powerful, but watching his Dad look down at her ass confused him. All of his questions were answered when he felt an immense pressure tighten around his cock. It was as if his mom's pussy became a noose. It was all he could do just to stay in her as this pressure built and built, pressing him down against her G-spot.As soon as Frank's cockhead slipped into her ass, Jo left this world. All conscious thought disappeared, replaced by an animalistic hunger to consume. She screamed and bit her son's ear.Frank slowly fed his cock into his wife's ass. He could feel Mark's cock inside her like a hard sausage sliding out of the way. He continued with gentle yet consistent force as the lubed pipe continued to disappear into her hole. Finally, he slid into a comfortable position with his knees spread as wide as he could with his balls hanging down onto Mark's, his formidable cock buried in his wife's ass. Mark lay silent and unmoving as Jo went wild, yelling incoherent obscenities and focusing all her attention on her cunt.As soon as Frank's cock settled in, Jo's body took over. She pushed back hard against him, almost popping Mark out of her, then slammed forward, thrusting her son deep into her pussy while rocking away from Frank's dick. The two cocks moved in opposite directions, one sliding in while the other slid out, pistoning against the thin sheath separating her pussy from her ass. Jo came. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck me fuck meee fuck meeeee" Jo's wild eyes couldn't focus. Her hips spasmed, mashing both cocks into one another, pushing down and back so they both impaled her. She continued to cum.Frank pushed his wife's hips forward onto his son's cock then pulled her back onto his own. Using her like a rag doll, he used his grip on her hips to fuck. Alternating squeezes and releases rippled through her body. He could feel Mark's cock pressed up against him, felt his own balls rise and fall onto his son's. They were so connected.Mark closed his eyes and tried not to shoot. He was afraid that just allowing himself the luxury of realizing what was happening right now would be enough to send him over, so instead he tried to do math problems."Mark," he heard a voice call his name. "Son."Mark opened his eyes and saw his dad looking down at him from over his mom's thrashing shoulder. Her screams had become a single prolonged groan that almost didn't sound human.Seeing his son make eye contact, Frank said "cum. It'll trigger me and we'll all be together."Mark could not comprehend the words. He continued to lay there trying not to feel what was happening to his dick."Cum in her, son," Frank said. "Cum in your mommy's cunt. Fill it up."The phrase "mommy's cunt" sank through Mark's haze and he registered the words. He suddenly felt everything: his mom writhing against him, panting into his ear while her tits pressed heaving against his chest; his dad's cock sliding in and out of her; Mark feeling every inch of his dad's cock as it moved in Jo's ass. Hot lava started snaking up Mark's dick. He was an oil derrick about to blow.Frank saw his son's eyes suddenly open then close again as he let out a loud moan to rival his mom's ongoing stream. The dick pushed up next to him swelled extra big and he knew his prompt had worked. Digging his fingers into his wife's hips, Frank pushed as deep as he could and started to shoot his seed.All three of their bodies clenched in unison, rising to a pitch that sustained for just a moment before collapsing in inevitable release. Both men pumped into their love, both fueling the fire that consumed her with splashes of hot liquid flooding her insides. The flood brought a galactic wave of pleasure that would make her hoarse for three days.Spurt after spurt fired into her until both father and son had completely emptied themselves. Frank was the first to collapse, pulling out and falling onto his side. The sudden vacuum brought a torrent of cum down onto Mark's balls. He pushed off his right leg and brought Jo down on her side next to him, his own cock popping out in the process.Quickly, while Jo's body still convulsed with receding waves of aftershocks and before he shrivelled, Mark used his hand to slide himself back inside his mother, then slid an arm under her to take her shivering body into an embrace.Frank held out his arm and let it fall over Jo's shoulder onto Mark. He then snuggled up against his wife's back, letting his slick wet dick press against her quivering ass.As the candlelight flickered and sputtered, the three lovers fell asleep.