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to be honest日本大尺度爱做网站

It all started back in 1864 or maybe it was 1863, didn't really have much use in dates and months back then, just when to plant and when to harvest, and other necessities of life like huntin and fishin, stuff like thatMy family were farmers up there in West Virginia and trying to make ends meet, put food on the table and so forth. Then that damn war started getting closer and closer. People were packing up and heading West to get away from all that bloodshed.I was the youngest of 4 boys, my pa and two of my brothers had already been killed by the Yankees and last I heard, my other brother was a prisoner somewhere up North.I was 18 years old and doing the work of 5 men and things I didn't know I just had to figure out on my own or ask a neighbor but they were getting pretty scarce these days.I packed a bag with what I might need if I had to make a run out the back door or something when the Yankees came to loot and burn everything like they were doing in other places. I kept my black powder rifle ready and loaded right next to my bag. It was more of a squirrel rifle than a man killer but, I was sure accurate with it and could put that round ball right where it needed to go to stop a full grown manI never figured I'd have to use it but, one afternoon I was out behind the barn taking a break from chopping wood when I heard a horse whiney a stones throw away.I turned to grab my rifle and everything went black. The next thing I knew I was waking up in the horse stall in my barn with my wrists tied to two posts and a rag tied around my neck and in my mouth so I couldn't yell for help, which wouldn't have done much good anyway since most of the neighbors had moved away.I turned my head and could see a Yankee soldier busying himself with packing his bag full of stuff he had already taken from my house.I was getting madder by the second and tried to pull my hands free from the leather straps he'd used when I felt a hard slap across my ass. It was then I realized he'd taken my pants off and had them in a pile next to his bag.He’d used a thick leather belt to slap my ass with and told me if I didn’t settle down, there’d be a lot more where that came from.I was madder than a hornets nest and started callin him every name I could think up from a damn Yankee to a pig fucker.That didn’t do much good as he commenced to doin what he said he was gonna do and started slappin my ass with that leather belt more now.My ass felt like it was on fire and I was squirmin against those straps.He said he’d help relieve some of that pain and reached over and unbuttoned the back of the flap on my long johns I was wearing.I felt the cool breeze and it did indeed help a bit, until I felt his right hand start probing my ass cheeks.That made me jump a bit and I tried to pull away but, he just put his left hand around my waist and help me still while he continued to feel my ass.Next thing I know he walked over to an old wagon wheel leaning up again the wall and scooped up a finger full of grease and walked back towards me.I asked him “What the hell are you gonna do with that?! And he just stepped behind me and pushed his greasy finger right into the lower part of my ass crack.Then he started probing and I could feel his finger poking into my asshole.I jumped with a start when he pushed it in and twisted it around a bit.. He reached up and pulled the rag so it was in my mouth, muffling any screams that might soon be coming, then pushed his finger as far as he could in my ass.It was a good thing he’d put that rag in my mouth cause I would have woke the dead with my screams.Man it hurt like hell. Like someone had just shoved a hot coal up my ass.The axle grease seemed to make it a little easier for him to push it in and it slowly got a little less painful.That’s when I heard the buckle on his pants come undone and he took his pants right off.He reached inside his long johns and pulled out his cock while standing in front of me so I could see how big it was.He said he hadn’t had a good poke in a long time and he was gonna enjoy this a lot more than me.Mind you, I’d handled my own cock a few times, learning from my brothers how to do things to make it feel good but, dang, his cock was bigger than even my oldest brothers cock.That thing had to be as long as a shovel was wide and every bit as thick as the handle of one.It grew faster than I’d ever seen one grow too.He was stroking the length of it now and I could see a little lube coming out the tip of it.He said he was ready and for me not to fight and it’ll be over soon enough.If I started fighting, he’d like it a lot more and fuck me a good long time.I started twisting back and forth in my straps trying my hardest to get loose when I felt him come right up behind me.I could feel his cock pushing against the cheeks of my ass and the head of that thing looking for a place to bury itself in.He let go of his cock and reached around and tore my long johns right apart where the buttons held the front together, then reached up and pulled them off my shoulders and down my waist.I could feel him squat down a bit and push them all the way down to my feet.Except for the longjohns bunched at my feet, I was naked as the day I was born and fixin to get bred like a doe.He stood back up, sliding his hands up my legs as he did, then put his left hand around my waist feeling for my cock while his right hand took his own cock and guided it to my asshole.He managed about 3 or 4 strokes on my cock that was getting harder by the second when I felt the head of his cock start pushing against my asshole, the grease helping it make it’s way in that tight hole.With his left hand he started squeezing real hard on my cock and then he put his lips up to my right ear and said “We can do this one of two ways.I can squeeze the hell out of your cock and force myself in you or, I can stroke your cock while you push your ass back against mine and make it easier on yourself.”I shook my head yes as it was hard to speak with the rag in my mouth and the death grip he had on my cock.I pushed back against his cock which allowed the head to slip in.He was somewhat gentle for someone that was raping me and just stood still, telling me to push back more once it didn’t hurt so much..I waited a few seconds and wanting this to end, started pushing my hips back against him while he was stroking my cock again with his left hand.After about 2 minutes, I could feel the hair on his stomach touching my back and he couldn’t go in any farther, he was all the way inside me now.He held it there, then told me “OK boy, I’ll take over for a bit.” And he started pulling his hips back, then pushing them forward in a slow rhythm.It still hurt a bit but, not as much as it was before.His right hand was holding my hip now, left hand stroking my cock.As he’d push his cock in my ass, his left hand would slide down my cock to my balls.Then he’d pull out a bit and slide his hand back up my cock.. He started moaning and telling me I was a great piece of ass and how he was gonna cum so deep inside me any minute now.His pace quickened and I could hear a slapping sound when his stomach hit my back.He let go of my cock with his left hand and moved it to my left hip to get a better grip and he really picked up the pace, hammering my ass with that huge cock, almost knocking me off my feet with each thrust.My ass felt like it was on fire but, to be honest, it really felt good when he went all the way inside.I was even pushing back against him when he’d push forward to try and get more inside me.He picked up speed and was really banging me good when all of a sudden I could feel his cock starting to swell up a little more inside me and then I felt his cum release, filling my ass with hot seed.He stopped pushing and held my hips tight with my ass all the way on his cock as I felt it throbbing inside me now.It seemed to go on for a few minutes but, was probably only a half a minute or so.. After he stopped twitching, I felt him pulling his cock out of my ass, the cum dripping out with it.Once he pulled it out, I could feel it oozing out of my asshole.Dripping on the ground between us.He then took the rag out of my mouth and wiped my ass and his cock with it.He walked around in front of me and lowered me down to my knees, still keeping my hands spread apart and told me to open my mouth.I started to back away and he grabbed my hair and pulled my face towards his cock.He told me to clean it up and not to miss a drop or he’d cut my throat and leave me hangin there.I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock all the way inside,国产精品久久久久久精品 pushing it in and out, telling me to use my tongue and lick it clean. I noticed his cock starting to get hard again and he pulled my hair so that his cock was all the way inside my mouth and held it there.. He started fucking my mouth and getting harder and harder.It was getting hard to breath at times until he’d pull it out and let me catch my breath.He must have fucked my face a good ten minutes while his cock was hard, then I felt it start to throb and he told be to swallow every bit of it and slapped me on my face a couple of times.I could taste the salty bitterness when he pulled out a bit, until he pushed forward again and the head of his cock went farther down my throat.After a few more pulses, he slowly withdrew his cock from my mouth and wiped it on the rag he’d used earlier.Then he tied the rag in my mouth again so I had to smell his cum and my ass until he decided what to do next.He walked around behind me and took what was left of my longjohns and tore them into shreds, telling me that was so I wouldn’t be able to run off.Then he pulled me over to a pole and tied my hands behind me and to the pole so he could get some sleep.Well, I couldn’t hardly sit with my ass still throbbing the way it was so I worked at getting those knots undone.I’d dug around in the dirt and straw on the barn floor and found an old nail that was a great help in getting free.I made sure he was sound asleep and made my move.I snuck out of the barn and got my rifle and my bag, then snuck back in and brought a big piece of firewood with me.I shook him a bit to wake him up, then smacked him in the head with the log to make sure he was out cold.I stripped him of all his clothes and burned the Yankee uniform, keeping his extra civilian clothes for myself.I then pulled him outside completely naked and tied him face down on top of a big tree that had fallen over.I took the rag he’d used on me and tie it around his mouth, then tied his hands together under the log and did the same with his feet.I went back in the barn and got a big handful of wagon grease and put it in a small pail, carrying it back out next to him.I dipped my finger in the grease and wrote “Free Rebel pussy” in big letters on his back.I figured what goes around comes around so I went back in and got that big leather strap and went back outside and started to whippin his bare ass.He woke up howling into that cum filled rag and was tryin everything to get loose.I told him I wasn’t gonna be as nice to him as he was to me, then unbuttoned my fly, straddled the log between his legs and stroked my cock until it was nice and hard.The pail of grease was on the ground next to him but, I figured a little spit would work just fine.I spit onto his asshole, then leaned forward and shoved my whole cock in with one thrust.Man did he squeal like a pig.I was slappin both of his ass cheeks every time I pulled my cock out, and I pulled it all the way out so that each thrust was like a new poke every time.He jumped, squirmed and cussed into that rag the whole time.Any time I’d feel my cock start to throb, I’d just hold it deep inside his ass until it settled down, then I’d start pounding away again.I fucked that yankee for a good hour, cumming three times deep inside him, then pissed on the rag while it was still in his mouth.Had to hold him by his ears so he couldn’t turn his head away.Once I’d had my sweet revenge, I touched up the writing on his back and spent another ten minutes with that leather strap on his ass.I even pulled his cock down between his legs and gave it a few good smacks.I gathered up all my belongings and what he had brought with him, found where he’d tied his horse, loaded everything up and headed for the western part of the states.It’ll be a long journey with plenty of stories to tell, none of which you’ll read in one of those dime store cowboy novels.If you enjoyed reading this, send me a picture that shows me how much you enjoyed it.If I get decent ratings, I’ll continue the tales.