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exposing my thick日本大尺度爱做网站

I'd had the house to myself for the past five years. The ex decided to take cash and move on. I had a home office so it worked for me. My name is Ted, I've just turned 40. I keep in shape biking and working out at the gym. I live in a quiet neighborhood. A younger couple, probably about 30 moved in next door a couple years ago. Lately I don't see the husband too often and mostly just wave and say hi. Things changed recently. I'd just returned from a bike ride and as I was putting the bike in the garage my neighbor, Linda, asked if I could help her get the lawn mower started."Jeff is away on business again and this thing won't start."I hesitated. Besides being sweaty I was wearing bike shorts that were very tight. I'm more show-er than grow-er and my flaccid cock is noticeable in these shorts. But she seemed in need so I walked over."Let me take a look." I gave the cord a pull and nothing. So I checked the tank and saw the problem. "You're out of gas. I've got some in my garage.""Oh thanks Ted. I didn't think to look. I feel silly.""Not a problem. I'll be right back" As I stood I noted that she was looking at my shorts. When I got to my garage I looked down and could understand why. The outline of my thick 7" cock was obvious as it went down the left leg of my shorts. Oh well, too late now. I carried the gas can over and filled the tank. I started the mower to be sure it worked and left Linda to her business."Thanks Ted. I'll let you know if I ever need you to start me up again."Hmm. Nah. I went back to my place to shower and do some work. Over the next couple of weeks I seemed to run into Linda more often. If I was getting some sun on my back deck, or sitting out there reading, Linda would choose that time to lay out in her yard. Noticing her more I saw that she was an attractive woman. Sandy blonde hair tied back in a pony tail, nice tits and ass from what I could tell from my yard. Looked good in her bikini. She made sure I got a good look as she stood there applying lotion. At least I think she was letting me get a good look. Then one day I was lying on a lounge chair resting my eyes, having put my book aside, when something briefly blocked the sun. I opened my eyes to see Linda standing there leaning on the railing of the deck. She was wearing a t shirt, and quite possibly nothing underneath it, and her bikini bottoms."Oh hi, Linda. Can I help you?""No, um, I just came over to talk. Mind if I ask a personal question?""No, go ahead. What's on your mind?" With my sunglasses on I took the opportunity to give her a closer look. She was cute. Nice smile, about 5-5, definitely just her tits under the shirt. Her nipples were already poking at the fabric, despite the warm temperature."Do you get lonely over here by yourself in this house? I see you here every day.""Well, I do work from home. And the first couple years after my wife left I was happy to be left alone. But I have company when needed.""I get lonely. Jeff travels for work. A lot. And when he's home he's busy with work stuff.""I'm usually around to chat. You're welcome to wander over." She now had her arms on the railing and her full breasts resting on them. I may have had a stirring in my shorts. I was wearing an old t-shirt and gym shorts. And that's it. I noticed her glance at my shorts."Thanks. You seem like a nice guy. You were helpful with the lawn mower. Sorry to bother you right when you got back from a bike ride. You must ride a lot, you even have the biker shorts."Oh you noticed.""I noticed alright." Linda stood back from the railing then walked around onto the deck. She "stumbled" and leaned onto me. I grasped her around the waist to keep her from falling. She leaned down, left hand onto the edge of the seat, right hand onto my shorts. Right hand on my cock. "Oh. wow. Like I remembered it."I pulled her to me. We kissed. Linda continued sliding her hand along my cock. I let my hands slide up to her breasts. They were firm, full, well more than a handful. Linda straddled me, kissed me hard, arms now around my neck. My hand slid down her sides, onto her ass cheeks. Only the thin bikini bottom between us. I kept my hands on her ass, holding her to me. Our tongues met, explored, tasting, testing. My now hard cock trapped between us, she broke our kiss to lean back, sliding down to free my cock, then standing to slide my shorts down, exposing my thick, hard cock. She inhaled sharply."I wasn't sure if it was as big as it seemed in your bike shorts. I've never held one like this. Jeff is kind of small, but wow."I was beyond caring about Jeff as Linda caressed my cock, feeling it's length, her hands barely fitting around. She stroked it, then when a bit of pre-cum escaped she leaned down and licked the head of my cock. Then sucked the head into her mouth. She stretched her mouth open as she bobbed up and down on the first few inches."MMM, Ted, the is so nice. I could play with it all day.""Feel free Linda, it feels great. But I'd like to get a look at the rest of you too."Linda sat up and pulled her shirt over her head. I was now staring at two D cup breasts, large circular areola, prominent nipples. I reached out and lifted them with my hands, feeling their weight, squeezing, caressing, running my thumbs around her areola, circling, closer and closer, then pressing and going around her sensitive nipples."Oh Ted, that feels nice, mm, suck them."Needing no more encouragement, I took her right nipple into my mouth, sucking, teasing, biting. Kissing all around her breast while holding, pinching the other.Kissing, under, around, back to the nipple. All the while Linda held and stroked my cock, never letting it slip from her hands. I switched to her left, repeating the process, kissing, licking, then working my way back up to her neck, her ear, her face, then to her lips. Kissing, slipping my tongue into her mouth as I played with her tits."Ted, I need you." Lifting up, Linda slid her suit aside and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She was so wet the head and first couple inches slid right in, but then she stopped. "It's so much bigger. I need to go slow." She lowered herself bit by bit until I was nearly all in. She rocked forward, moaning as I left her, then "Oh", as I pushed back up into her pussy."You're so fucking tight Linda. It feels amazing squeezing me.""I've never been stretched like this. Keep going." I lifted her and dropped her back on my cock, she continued to grunt and moan each time my thick meat stretched her innermost parts. Finding the right position Linda began bouncing on my cock forcing it fully into her. Then she rested her tits on my chest and began rocking back onto me. Her pussy so tight it gripped me with each forward and back motion. Pulling off then letting me thrust in. We were glistening with sweat out in the hot sun, fucking with abandon. I latched on to her left nipple, sucking it into my mouth as she rocked on my cock, "Oh fuck, oh, ooh Ted, yes fuck me like a stud, take me, yeesss, oooh...." As she came hard on me I could feel her juices flowing, her eyes closed,国产精品久久久久久精品 mouth open, "uh, uuuh, uhhh. Oh fuck yes." She rolled right into a second orgasm. Clenched tight on my cock, her head against my neck, her body tensing, a shout, "FUCK", then easing off."Oh my god. That was unreal." And she continued rocking on me. Then, "Not in me. Not now. Ok?""Sure, whatever you need. But I'm getting close." She kept rocking on me. I felt myself tensing. She slid off my cock, knelt before me."Give it to me. All over."I sat up. She stroked my cock, harder and faster, pointing it at herself. I felt my balls tighten. "Now."She aimed my cock, my first spurt hit her right in the face. Then a second. With the third I coated her bouncing tits. Then she took me into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum from my cock. She licked my cum from around her mouth and lifted a tit to her lips to lick off my cum. She seemed not to be able to get enough of it. I lay back to watch the show, my soft cock now resting on my leg. She looked at it with appreciation."That was the best cock I've ever had. I love how big it looks even when resting. Can I visit another time?""Um sure, but will this cause any problems with Jeff?""I'll take care of that. If he can't fuck me enough he'll have to accept that I'm going to fulfill my needs. He actually probably won't care. He likes having me on his arm at business events, but he's just not that sexual.""A shame to waste such a sexy woman.""You really think so?""Of course. You're great, nice body, and if I may say so, a hell of a fuck." She actually blushed at that."Let me see how things go. I really would like to feel your big cock cumming inside me."With that Linda put on her shirt, which barely covered her ass and walked back to her yard. It was fortunate the way the houses are aligned that we could see each others yards but were otherwise private. Later on as I reflected on the day's events I wondered just what I might be getting into. On the one hand having a hot younger woman right next door to fuck as she needed would make things much easier. At 40, going out to meet people and hopefully find a sexual partner was a bit of a pain. I was happy keeping busy with my business, exercising and relaxing at home. Easy access to sex with an attractive woman who was interested in the same seemed too good to be true. On the other hand, she was married. But she seemed to think that wasn't an issue and was actually going to have some kind of discussion with her husband. Interesting.It didn't take long to get an answer. A couple days later I noticed that Jeff was home. He waved from his driveway as I was getting the mail. The next afternoon I decided to relax on the deck and see what happened. About 20 minutes later Linda came out in shorts and sleeveless shirt. She waved and walked over."Hey Linda, how's it going?""Great. I talked to Jeff.""And?""I told him I couldn't go on as it is. Home alone, my needs not satisfied. I know he's more about image than anything. Me divorcing him is about the worst thing in his mind. I told him I wanted to be able to see someone. Discreetly.""Holy shit, what did he say?""He said,he wasn't going to have me out fucking around making him look bad. So I told him I'd never go out, never sleep around, but that you and I had had a spontaneous, unplanned time over here and that's what I want.""Do I need to be concerned?""No he said, fine, fuck Ted all you want, just keep it here. As long as I'm available to him whenever he feels in the mood.""So he's ok with us getting together when he's away?""No, anytime. We could do it right now and he's ok. Tell you the truth he'd probably watch.""Hmm, want to test out the rules?" I guess she did because she lifted her shirt over her head exposing her tits to the sun, and to me. She then slid down her shorts letting me get a first good look at her pussy. Linda had it neatly trimmed, the dark blonde, almost brown, hair forming a line of sorts pointing to her mound, puffy outer lips allowing a hint of her inner lips to show. I moved aside to allow Linda to lie back on the lounger. She spread her legs to me and I moved my face down to her pussy. Looking up I asked, "May I.""Oh god yes, I haven't had oral in ages."Smiling, I extended my tongue and traced along her slit from bottom to top."Oh yes, if it's ok, I'm just going to lie here and enjoy.""MMM, Hmm", was all I said.I pressed harder on the second run by, my tongue separating her lips just a bit. Then using my thumbs I spread her lips and licked deeper between her inner labia, picking up her juices at the opening of her pussy and licking up until I reached her exposed bud. I kissed her clit and sucked it between my lips, flicking my tongue over it. Using my fingers I played with her pussy opening, running a finger around and around as I continued kissing and sucking. I glanced up to see Linda's head back, hands gripping tightly on the edge of the lounger, her full breasts heaving with each ragged breath as she savored the sensations running through her body. I slipped my middle finger into her pussy and explored searching for just the right spot to increase her pleasure. Hearing her gasps I knew I'd found it and continued now with two fingers, fucking her pussy while licking up and down between her lips, stopping to give extra attention to her clit. Linda grunted and exclaimed as her first orgasm hit. Knowing that she could keep going I latched onto her clit, sucking and licking while vigorously finger fucking her. One rolled into a second, then a third that I think surprised her."Oh, Oh shit, oh yeah, ok I think I need to stop, ooooooooooh fuck! Damn, oh wow, that was intense."I came up for air, let Linda catch her breath then knelt beside her and kissed her. She return a deep kiss, tasting herself on my tongue. We looked up to see Jeff sitting in his yard slowly clapping. Yes, kind of weird."You sure this is ok Linda?""After that, yes it better be." Linda let me sit on the lounger, then lay on me. I caressed her, enjoying the feel of her warm body. My hand casually caressing a breast. Her hand doing the same to my hard cock. "Let's give it the full test. He can watch your big cock fill me up. But I want to see him."Linda got up and straddled me facing Jeff. He watched as she directed my cock to her pussy and settled down on it taking almost the full length in one shot. She then started bouncing on it, causing her tits to jiggle and shake with her efforts. I settled in for the ride as Linda did the work, rising up then letting my cock split her and spread her pussy open, then dropping down to force me up into her. She wasn't shy in pronouncing her pleasure, encouraging me to fuck her with my "huge" cock."Oh yes, fuck me stud, give me that hard cock. Fuck me hard. Fill my cunt. Take me. Yes." It was a bit over the top, but she was getting off on it, my cock was being fucked good and Jeff seemed ok with the scene. Linda leaned forward, continued riding my cock and let he tits shake and swing with the effort. I held her hips and felt her ass as she enjoyed my cock. I could feel that familiar tightening and let her know that I was going to cum. She leaned back so Jeff could see my cock buried deep inside."Fill me. Cum in my pussy." I gripped her hips, pushed her down on my cock then let loose within, flooding her. Linda pushed off a little to let my cum squeeze out and run down my cock. I massaged her tits, while she slowly pleasured herself on my cock, feeling the extra lubrication coating us. "Oh fuck Ted, that was great." She lay back on me and my spent cock fell from her pussy and hung below us.From the other yard we heard, "OK you've made your point. If that's what you want keep it here as a physical thing." Jeff went inside.Linda turned and straddled me, kissing me, then resting her head on my chest."I better go make dinner. He does have another trip coming up soon.""I can't wait."