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but Parker日本三级全黄少妇三级三级三级

I’ve known Parker since I was about 8 years old. I guess you could say he’s one of my best friends. Our moms would take us out to play in the Park together. He went to every one of my Birthdays and we’ve gone to the same School since his mom and my mom met. Now our mothers are like best friends. Parker was new to the area, coming here because his dad got some kind of a promotion or something. I have one sister, Ashley who is 2 years younger than me, but no brothers. I guess sometimes I consider him to be sort of like a slightly older brother (he was a few months older than me.) I was in his Second Grade class…but that was a while ago. All I remember was that he would always beat me in tag.Now we’re in High School. Parker was 17, I was 16.Parker and I are in the 11th grade and we have a few classes together. English and Chemistry. I did good in both and always considered myself a good student. Parker was too but he always had trouble in chemistry. He wasn’t doing well. He had failed a lot of tests and he’d get very frustrated with himself.I’ve had several boyfriends and Parker has been through his girlfriends but we’ve never been romantically involved with each other. I lost my virginity a couple months ago…and that’s the only time I’ve had sex in my life. I never thought I’d lose it at sixteen but…It just happened. One sexual experience for me, but Parker, however has hinted to me that he has had sex with several girls. It’s no wonder, I guess. He’s very attractive, tall, about 6’1’’ and pretty muscular. He had arm hair and alot of leg hair but hardly an hair on his chest or back. Parker has a nice tan and has dirty-blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. He’s very athletic and works out a lot. He’s a really nice handsome guy. He’s on the football team and has practice about every day and we haven’t had the chance to hang out that much this year. As for me, I have blue eyes and long brown hair and from what I’ve been told, a good body. I’m about 5’6’’ and my breasts are pretty big, in the size C range.“Hey, Amber, can I borrow a pencil?” Parker whispered to me in English. I always had a gazillion and handed him one. He thanked me and resumed what he was doing.“Why haven’t we dated?” I wondered. We were both single. I thought that maybe I should take advantage of this opportunity and ask him out. I wondered what his reaction would be…I guess he’d be surprised and I decided not to risk it. I guess because we were such good friends it never crossed my mind why we hadn’t dated since recently. He was VERY hot. I had a crush on him. I don’t know if he knew It. After class, he came over to my locker. “Hey, do you want to go bowling with me in a little while?”“Don’t you have football Practice?” I asked timidly.“I decided to take the afternoon off. Cmon. We’ll take my car. Trey is meeting us there.”Parker and I had gone bowling before. He was better than me at it. We walked out to his car. It was toward the end of the school year and it was very hot out. Parker lifted up his shirt, exposing an abundance of underarm hair and took it off as we were walking. A drop of sweat rolled down his abs. Yes, I had seen him with his shirt off plenty of times before, but this time was different. I found it hard not to look at him. We got in his car. He opened the door for me and I got in. I sat shot gun while I watched him start the car, his muscular arm flexing as he turned the keys. He put on some music and started driving towards the bowling alley. We didn’t say much the whole way there. We reached the bowling alley and he parked the car. “You’re all sweaty” I told him. “Do you have a problem with that?” he asked. He rubbed his hand across his chest and playfully rubbed some on me.“Ew!” I shouted. We both laughed. He stared at me with his pretty blue eyes for a while.“Damn you’re pretty” he said. I didn’t know what to say…I just said thanks. He put his shirt back on. ( I don’t think they would have let him into the bowling alley without one.)We hopped out of the car, walked inside and bought our shoes. He bought us some bowling alley food and some root beer. He stuck two straws up his nose and pretended to be a walrus. He made me laugh so hard, I don’t even know why. I got rootbeer up my nose. Trey came and joined us in a little while. Trey was a good friend of Parker’s and played football with him.“What’s up, guys?” he said before joining us. We went over and played some games like pool and some electronic games. Some other dude joined us and we played some 4 person shoot-em-up game. We had to kill some people, rescue someone, turn some lever….I don’t know, I didn’t understand it. We were all laughing and shouting so loud.“Quiet down, kids!”shouted one of the bowling alley employees. Parker,国产精品久久久久久精品 Trey, and I headed back to the alley we were assigned. The two boys used big heavy balls. I had to use a much lighter one.“How can you guys use those balls? Aren’t they Heavy?” I inquired.“Yeah, but not for us!” exclaimed Trey, “feel our muscles!” I scoffed but felt the football jocks’ musclesWe started playing. They did well because they were so strong. They’d throw the ball and it would zoom down the alley and blast the pins away. Trey beat Parker the first game. Parker beat trey the second game. Of course I came in last both games. I was happy when I got a strike. It was the only one I got the whole time.“I gotta go to math tutoring. Later.” Trey said as he turned away and left the bowling alley.“Later, man!” Parker shouted with his deep, smooth voice. I waved. Parker turned toward me and said, “one more game before we go?”“No thanks” I answered. “Aww come on…one more?”“Fine.” He beat me. Big surprise. “Haha! In your face!” He said.I pushed him a little. “Better luck next time.” He slapped my ass. “Okay, let’s go.” I had walked to school that day. He drove me home. “Hey, Trey said that Ms. Wilkins announced there would be a test in Chemistry on Wednesday.”Parker said. It was Monday. Trey had Chemistry on A days. Parker and I had it on B days.“That means we’ll probably have the test on Thursday,” he continued. “I’ll pick you up at about 7 pm tomorrow at your house. Come over to my place. Maybe you could help me study?” “Sure.” I answered. I got out of the car, walked in my house excited that I’d be with him tomorrow. I did my homework, ate dinner, showered, and went to bed.Sure enough on Tuesday Ms. Wilkins announced that there would be a Chemistry Test on Thursday. I could tell Parker was worried about it but he looked over at me in class and smiled. After school, He came to my house and picked me up and drove to his house. He smelled really nice.We walked inside and no one was home. “Where are your parents?” I asked. “My dad has a business trip and mom went with him. They won’t be back for a few days.”“Okay.”We watched a little bit of TV before going up to his room. He closed the door. His room was decorated with football stuff and had some posters of nude women. The typical Jock’s room.“Let’s study!” I said. “Yeah, I really need some help.”We sat at a desk he had in his room and I started asking him questions.“What is the density of nitrogen gas at STP (in g/dm3 and kg/m3)?”“Uhh…I don’t know”“The correct answer is 1.35 kg/m3”“Whatever.”“Parker, this is important. Cmon.” He didn’t know the answers to most of the questions I was asking him. I kept flipping through the Chemistry textbook and asking him more. I stopped. All of a sudden he grabbed my head and he kissed me. He was an amazing kisser.“Sorry.” He said. “Don’t be”He continued kissing me. He put his hand on my shoulder and started working his way to my breasts. “Wait…stop…” I said.“No. I’m not going to stop. I’m sorry, but I love you.” He said almost angrily.I was surprised. “I love you too.” He started stroking my breasts through my shirt. I could feel my pussy getting wet.My breasts got hard. We stood up. He kissed me some more. I could feel his tongue moving around in my mouth. His hand reached down and squeezed my butt. I could tell that he was having an erection through his shorts. He hugged me and held me tight in his muscular arms. I could feel his crotch pressing against me. “Aaaahhhhhh….that feels good.” He moaned. He started to gently lift my shirt over my head. Parker let it drop to the floor. He looked at my breasts for a while then slowly started rubbing them. My heart was pounding so loud I thought he would hear it.He took my bra off and squeezed my breasts.He caressed them for a minute before taking off his shirt. I felt his chest and abs with my hands. He had a nice little patch of hair running from his belly-button down to his shorts. I started licking his nipple. He moaned a little. He pushed me onto his bed.“Are you sure about this?” I asked.“Are you on birth control?” He asked. Was I actually going to have sex with him? I answered him nervously.“Yes…”“Then shut your pretty little mouth and make love to me.” He looked into my eyes and smiled. I giggled a little bit. He bent over the bed and grabbed onto my Jeans at the waste and slowly pulled them off exposing my underwear.He pulled it off and I got even more wet.Parker brought my panties up to his face and smelled it. “Oh god.” He murmured. He then knelt at the front of the bed.“Open your legs up a little.” He told me.“You’re really wet.”We giggled a little bit.He played with my pubic hair a little bit. Then he started stroking my leg back and forth getting closer to my pussy each time. He stopped then put a finger into me and started rubbing. He put another in. It felt so good. “Do you like that?” He asked me.“Yes.” He put a third finger in. He took his hand out and put it in his mouth and tasted some of my pussy juice. He brought his head toward my cunt and put his tongue on the outside. Then I could feel his tongue moving inside my cunt. His soft lips were licking and sucking me.Then he stuck two of his fingers in. He looked up at me and smiled. I could hear him licking it tenderly. No one had ever done this for me and it was heavenly. He stopped, planted a kiss on my stomach and then stood up.I got up and we both stood there. He gave me another kiss. I could taste my own pussy juice in his mouth.His manly hand was stroking my back lovingly. He ran his hand through my hair and told me I was beautiful. Just then he grabbed his athletic shorts and pulled them down. His erection was still strong. “Take off my boxers.” He commanded. I pulled them down wary of his cock and let them drop to the ground. His cock was beautiful. It was about 7 inches long. He grabbed my butt a second time. I reached for his hairy ass and grabbed it. He then grabbed my hand and guided it toward his throbbing penis. Parker used my hand to stroke it a little bit and he made me feel his balls. He gently pushed me on the ground as he sat down at the edge of his bed. “Suck my cock. Cmon…” he said. I had never given oral sex before and wasn’t sure exactly what to do.He grabbed my head and pushed it between his hairy legs.He guided my head toward his crotch. I put my mouth on it. I started licking him down the shaft. I put his balls in my mouth.“Oh god. Amber don’t fucking stop!” he groaned. I placed my mouth on the head of his cock and started moving my mouth up and down a little bit. His cock tasted so good. His hands were still on my head and he shoved my head further down his cock. I started to gag a little bit. I took my mouth off of him and then put it back on this time going further down. He pushed me all the way to the end. I could feel his cock at the back of my throat and I could smell his pubic hairs. I tried to get up but he held me there a little longer. He released me and I continued to suck him. He laid back on his bed. I could taste his pre-cum. “Oh god I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna fucking cum!”Semen started to exit his body and before I knew it he started cumming into my mouth. It had a nice sweet taste and I swallowed it all. “You are fucking amazing.” He told me. He helped me up and lifted me up over his still rock-hard cock. The head of his cock entered my cunt. Then he sat back down on his bed and let the rest of his shaft go in. Our pubic hairs intermingled. I moaned a little. The feeling was indescribable. I sat in his lap while his warm cock was up my pussy. We were facing each other and we passionately kissed. He stood up again, his penis still inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist so his cock would go in further. He carried me around the bed and carefully set me down. My head hit his pillow. Parker grabbed my tits again and kissed my neck. I bit his sexy shoulder a little bit. He pulled his covers up and over us. A drop of sweat fell from one of his pecs onto me. His chest was against my breasts and I could fee his heart pounding against me. “I’m gonna turn you over, babe.” He told me. His hands were against my tits and he started fucking me from behind. He was making humping-like motions and I could feel his pubic hair against my cunt. He turned me back the other way.“aaaaah!” I screamed. “Parker don’t stop! Don’t ever stop!” His hands had moved to my waist.. His wonderful penis filled my cunt. I could feel his pulsating member moving in and out of me as it rubbed against the inside of me. My hands were pressed against his back. He grunted a little bit. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum inside of you!” he gasped. In one final thrust he cummed. Semen poured from him. I started to cum as his warm man juice filled my cunt. Our fluids leaked onto the bed. He held it inside me for a little while before his sweaty body collapsed on top of me. He gave me one final kiss.I had forgotten all about helping him study. He was wonderful. He dimmed the lights further and I fell asleep in Parker’s bed.

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