it was summer日本丰满熟妇乱子伦

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it was summer日本丰满熟妇乱子伦

I was living in a farm in Iowa with my mom, dad, older brother. We had a nice farm house, overlooking wast corn fields.We also had a farmhand named Rico and his wife Amanda, on my dad’s payroll. Rico was a tall, dark handsome guy with big hands, helping with outside work, and his wife Amanda was helping with taking care of the cows, chickens and house work.I didn’t have sex, neither had any experience, and at the time there was no Internet to see and learn things, and I was homeschooled so didn’t have friends to ask about it.Every night, I was hearing voices and thumping noises from my parent’s bedroom. I heard from my parents that there is something called sex, between married man and woman, and I shouldn’t talk about it until I got married to another nice man or I would go to hell. But I was curious. So I went to my parent’s bedroom door every day to learn what that sex between married couples are. Sometimes door was ajar, sometimes I watched from the gap between the floor and the door, and sometimes I just listened to their talk.First time when I see sex, I was shocked. My mom took pants off ofmy dad, and there was a thick finger like thing with a red mushroom looking end in front of my dad, and my mom had a slit like I do. What is interesting is, if my mom holds that thing dangling in front of my dad, it grew long and thick, and my mom was sucking it like a candy, kissing it, and my dad after a while were yelling “I am coming” and squirting a white stuff from the end of that finger into my mom’s mouth. My mom was swallowing it saying it was tasty.Another time, my mom put that dangling thing in front of my dad into her slit by sitting on it, and the whole long thing disappeared inside my mom. I wondered where it went. It was like magic. My mom then started going up and down, putting that long thick extension of my dad into her slit, going faster and faster, then stop suddenly. When my mom stood up, a white stuff was coming out of her slit, and also dripping from the tip of my dad’s extension.I thought I should learn what all that means, and decided to ask our farmhand Rico. Since if I talk about sex, I was going to hell, I should have done in when my mom, dad, brother and Rico’s wife were away.Two months later, an opportunity knocked on the door. We were going shopping downtown on a Saturday! I should have come up with an excuse to stay alone with Rico!My mom, dad, brother, Amanda get in our seven seat Ford Excursion, and called my name “Emmaa! Hurry up!” I came out with a fake drained face and said “I have a horrible headache, you guys go, I will stay home and rest”, they said fine, and left. Now only Rico and I were in the farm.I waited thirty minutes just to make sure my parents didn’t come back forgetting something, then headed to the barn, where Rico was working.“Hey, Rico!” I said, “Hi Emma!” he replied.“I want to ask you something, but don’t tell anyone” I said, “Sure” Rico replied.I told Rico all about my nightly visits to my parents’ door, explained in detail what I saw my mom and dad was doing. As I explained, I noticed the big finger in front of Rico was growing and pushing his pants out, he must have been the same way as my dad, which means he can do all the things my dad do to my mom, to me!With a shaky voice “Go on, interesting” said Rico, and I explained in detail everything I saw, and said “Rico, I want to learn about sex, I want to learn what all those mean, and I want to do everything my mom is doing”“I can tell you all about it, Emma, but it should be our secret otherwise I will lose my job” Rico said, and asked “How old are you?”“I just turned 18 couple months back and I know nothing about sex, as you know my parents don’t teach me anything about sex saying I will go to hell if I do, could you please help me Rico, pleaseee, pleaseeee” I begged.Rico laughed and said “OK, I will teach you, first, you don’t go to hell learning about sex, second, let’s undress so I can explain properly”, it was summer, 80 degrees fahrenheit, so we took off all our dresses, and were completely nude. Rico looked at me and grabbed the extension in front of him, “This is called cock”, he hold the sacks below the extension “these are called balls, I have two in one sack.”, he pointed to my slit, “this is called pussy” he said.I asked about my mom sucking my dad’s extension, which just now I learned called a cock, which sounded funny, like a rooster. Rico said “if you put a man’s cock in your mouth and suck it, it is called blow job, or oral sex”.Rico then put his finger in the slit between my legs and pushed his finger all the way in the hole in my slit, “This hole is called vagina, it can take a man’s cock completely inside of you, that is called fucking, if the man gets pleasure and squirts a white stuff from the tip of his cock, that is called cumming, and white stuff is called cum. If you have cum in your vagina, you might get pregnant and have a baby. If you don’t want a baby, don’t let anyone cum in your vagina” he said.I was getting curious, I explained to Rico when my dad pushed his cock into the butt hole of my mom, my mom shaked her head left and right with pleasure. Rico said “that is called anal sex, if it is not done right, it could be painful, your dad is doing it right if your mom likes it” I was getting excited and curious. “Can I suck your cock like mom sucks my dad’s cock?” I asked.“Yes you can, but don’t tell anyone”. Rico said.I grabbed Rico’s penis and squeezed. It was hard and thick, but spongy at the end. I started sucking and licking like my mom. Rico started caressing my hair and “you are a natural, you are doing great, continue sucking” he said. I looked at his brown eyes with my big blue eyes, and sucked his cock, and bob my head up and down like my mom did. Rico started moaning and squeezing my butt, and pushing my head towards his cock, “if you push my cock all the way into your throat, that is called deep throat, that gives men great pleasure” he said. I wanted to be appreciated by men, so I pushed his cock all the way into my throat, I had gag reflex, but holding it there a couple seconds helped me overcome that. “Good job, good girl” Rico said. I felt appreciated and happy.Rico then hold my head from each side with his big hands started pushing his cock in and out of my mouth with back and forth waist movements while keeping my head steady. “This is called face fuck” Rico said. “and I will cum in your mouth, which is also called CIM, in a second, if you swallow my white cum coming out of my cock, you are a swallower, which is precious talent for a woman to make his man happy” he continued.Rico was face fucking me with strong thrusts, and I was feeling the spongy end of his cock completely occupying my narrow throat, “you have a nice wet and warm throat and you don’t teeth my cock, you will be very good at this” Rico explained, and pushed my head against his body and started squirting his warm tasty cum in my mouth.My mouth was full of creamy tasty cum, I rolled my tongue around to taste better and swallowed. “Good” Rico said, “now you are a swallower”, I giggled.“I want to fuck too” I said to Rico. “Did you ever put anything in your pussy?” Rico asked. “Sometimes I play with it but I did’t poke anything in there, my mom said I will go to hell if I poke anything there” I said. Rico laughed, “that is not right, you won’t go to hell, don’t worry”, that made my worries go away.“First we have to take your virginity” Rico said. “What is that?” I asked. “Your pussy has that hole you mentioned, which is called vagina, and at the entrance to it there is a seal called hymen, which breaks when you push something into your vagina, for example a man’s cock” Rico explained.“Does it hurt to take virginity?” I asked, “if we do it slow, it should not hurt much, but it hurts a little because you are tearing a tissue, it is like a finger cut” Rico answered.“Does it hurt every time?” I asked. “No, first time” Rico answered. “I want you to put your cock in my vagina and take my virginity” I demanded.“Don’t get me in trouble, Emma!” Rico said. “If you don’t take my virginity, I will tell my dad that I gave you a blow job” I threatened.“OK, OK, but don’t tell anyone Emma!” Rico whined. “Lay down on your back here, open your legs and bend your knees towards your chest”I laid down, opened my legs, and pulled my knees to my chest. I was feeling the sun peeking through the barn door warming up my legs, butt hole and pussy, which was completely exposed, waiting for Rico to fuck.Rico laid on me, put one hand under my head, held his cock with the other and started rubbing the spongy head of his cock on my pussy up and down. “The small thing over your vagina is called clit, if I rub my cock there you will want to be fucked, and your vagina will be lubricated, this is called getting wet.”Rico explained.I hugged Rico and kissed him on his lips like my mom kisses my dad, “Thanks Rico, I am learning so much from you!” I said.“Now I am going to fuck your pussy, I will do it slow, because I will break your hymen, taking your virginity, are you ready” Rico asked, I nodded yes, kissed him on the lips, and said “fuck me, Rico!”Rico slowly pushed his cock into my virgin pussy, I felt a stretch, then felt a tear and some pain, as if you cut your finger and rubbing your cut somewhere. “Are you OK, I am two inches in” Rico asked. “Yes, I have some pain but it is OK” I said. Rico continued pushing his cock, I was feeling it was stretching my vagina’s walls and making way for its thickness and length as it penetrated deep inside me. “You have a wet warm tight pussy, and I like it how it sheaths my cock, your boyfriend will be very lucky” Rico said. “Thanks Rico!” I replied, looking him in the eye with my big blue eyes as he continued penetrating.Rico’s cockwas all the way in, and I was feeling his balls against my butt, and the cock head was pressing against something inside me. “My cock head is now pushing against your cervix, which is opening from vagina to womb, if I cum when my cock pushes your cervix,my cum will be sucked into your womb, and if we do it when your womb is ready for a new baby, this will make you and I parent to a new baby, so I will not cum, OK” Rico said.“I want cum in my pussy, my dad puts cum in my mom’s pussy all the time” I complained. “Because your mom has birth control, you dad can cum inside her as much as he wants and she will not get pregnant” Rico explained.“I want birth control! I want cum in my pussy all the time, like my mom!” I demanded. “I want it, I want it!” I started crying.Rico hugged me, I was sobbing on his chest, as his cock was still inside my vagina. “OK, OK, I will come inside you, and I will get a pill for you which is called day after pill. if you fuck without birth control, and a man cums inside you, you can take this pill the day after and won’t get pregnant.” he explained. “Really, yay, yay, yay, so you can cum in me like my dad cums in my mom!” I exclaimed. “Yes I can, if you promise to take that pill” Rico smiled. “I promise, I promise, cum in me, cum in me!” I replied.Rico was slowly moving his cock in and out of my vagina, “does it still hurt?” he asked. “no, it is OK now” I replied. Rico’s cock was sliding in and out of me more easily because I had more wetness in my pussy. “I will go faster now, I want you to hug me, and wrap your legs behind me, locking your feet, this is called missionary position and as I kiss you, we will roll our tongues in each other’s mouth, this is called french kiss” Rico explained.I obeyed, hugged him like my big teddy bear in my room, wrapped my legs on his back, and we started kissing and exploring each others tongue. It was wonderful.Rico started going in and out of my pussy faster and faster, then suddenly pushed himself all the way inside me and shouted “I am cumming, ahhhhh!” and I felt a warmth deep inside me, his cock started spasming inside me again and again and again. I counted 10 times. “When my dad fucks my mom, they both shout I am cumming, I only felt a warmth now” I whined. “You are so tight and wet, and your vagina is sheathing my cock so well, rubbing its texture on my cock head and shaft as I go in and out, I couldn’t last long, sorry” Rico apologized. “You could be also a little sore because you just lost your virginity” he tried to hide his inability to make me cum.“My dad makes my mom cum, I want you to make me cum!” I demanded.“OK, OK, I will do oral sex on you, when a man licks a woman’s pussy and clit,18禁裸露啪啪网站免费漫画 this is called eating a woman out, eating pussy, or going down on a woman.” He pulled out his cock out of my vagina, buried his head between my legs, and started licking my clit. “I am now eating your pussy juice and my own cum, some man like it some don’t” he said. “I do that to Amanda all the time, so it is OK, I like it, I will do it for you too”. Rico was licking my clit in circles as he was fingering my pussy, Slowly I started feeling a warm feeling radiating from my clit to my vagina and womb, then to my tummy, legs, arms, then to head. It can best be explained as color red, it is a red glowing feeling, as if I was in front of a red hot fireplace engulfing me with its warmth.I was completely numb from pleasure, then my vagina started spasming, I started to shake violently then I started crying. “This is called orgasm” Rico explained, “and you had a full body orgasm just now”. as he continued eating me out.I had orgasm over orgasm for a good 30 minutes, my thought process completely stopped, it was me, Rico, and my convulsing repeated orgasms.“When a man fucks a woman, he needs some time so they can fuck again, while I was licking your pussy, I recovered, now I can fuck you again” Rico explained.“Just a sec, I now want to try anal fuck” I said. “OK, OK, you want to try everything, slow down” Rico replied.“If you don’t fuck me anal, I will tell my dad that you made me suck your cock and fucked my pussy” I threatened.“Your vagina has lubricants so my cock slide in and out easily, your bowels don’t have that so we need to put lubricant” Rico said. “I will use my cum and spit to lube your butt hole and fuck you anal, how about that” he chimed. “yay, yay, anal fuck, anal fuck” I cheered.“Now I want you to be on your knees and hands, that is called doggy position” Rico explained. “I can fuck your pussy and also fuck you anal in that position, most woman like that position”I went to doggy position like Rico explained, “do I do it right?” I looked Rico in the eye with my big blue eyes and giggled. “Yes, Emma, now I will fuck you anal, but first, I will open up your butt hole with my fingers”, Rico said.Rico dipped his fingers in my vagina and pushed one finger in my butt hole all the way in, and explored inside. I felt like I was going to toilet. “You will feel like an urge to push poop, that is normal because your body thinks my finger is poop” Rico said. Rico continued moving his cum and my pussy juice from my vagina to my butt hole, first with one finger, then with two fingers, then with three fingers, occasionally spitting in my butt hole.“you have a very tight butt hole, but I think I opened up well so I can push my cock inside your butthole now, starting our anal fuck” Rico said. “I must tell you that you have a gorgeous body, a nice round butt, and a tight pussy and tight ass, I love it”I giggled “thanks Rico, please fuck me anal Rico!” I cheered.Rico pushed his cock in my butthole, I felt a pressure, then felt stretch and felt his cock head sliding through my anus, moving completely inside me, Rico waited there a bit. “I now passed the outer sphincter, now I will push and open inside sphincter, then we can fuck as hard as we want.”“if I push my cock through inner sphinchter fast, it might tear and it will be very painful for you”, as he started pushing slowly. I felt another gate opening in me and cock slowly slidall the way in inside my butthole, I was feeling his balls pressing against by butt. “You are so knowledgable, thanks Rico, I want you to teach me everything you know, Rico” I said, with his cock buried in my ass all the way in.Rico slapped my butt and said “this is called spanking, some woman like to be spanked, or bit when they were being fucked” Rico said.“I want to be spanked too, Rico” I replied. “my dad spanks my mom until her butts turn red, I want by butts turn red too”“If I pull your hair, spank you, choke you and handle you like a rag doll, this is called rough fuck” Rico said. “I want rough fuck too, my dad chokes my mom all the time” I replied.Rico pulled by blonde pony tail, and started fucking my ass in doggy position as he spanked my butt, shouting “yeehaa! yeehaa!” as he fucked anal as hard as he can.I was shouting, “yess, yess, yess, harder, harder, harder” like my mom did when my dad was fucking her.Rico leaned over and grabbed my neck and started choking me as he continued fucking my ass, I got all red, blood rushing my brain, panic hormones rushing all over my body for a fight or flee response, and I wasn’t able to breathe, Rico loosened his grip and I started to have laboring breath to get as much as oxygen possible, then he choked me again, for another rush. I never felt that much alive in my life, and being fucked in the ass while choking is happening increased the pleasure I got from playing with my clit and cock rubbing my ass hole. Rico pulled his cock out and threw me on a hay stack like a rag doll, grabbed my hair and shoved his cock in my mouth, he seemed like he lost control , “if I pull my cock from your ass and put in your mouth, it is called ass to mouth” Rico explained. “Suck it!” and I started sucking. “If I order you to do things and you do them without question, I am dominant and you are submissive” Rico explained, “that makes me a master and makes you a slave, you should answer everything I say with a “yes master” answer” he continued.Rico stood up and grabbed a rope we used to leash animals.“If I tie you then fuck you, this is called bondage” Rico explained, “do you want to try it?” “yes, master”, I replied.Rico put me in doggy position and tied my hands in my back, and tied my feet together. then he tied my neck to my feet from my front so I had to stay in doggy position and not able to stand up.“Now you are all tied up, I will fuck you and you won’t be able to escape, you will feel dominated, you will feel helpless, which will teach you to let go of things and not control everything, which could be liberating for some people” Rico explained.Rico spit in my ass hole and his cock and shoved his cock all the way in my butt hole and started fucking me with big long moves, slapping his balls on my pussy and clit with every push.“I am so glad you chose me as your sex teacher Emma, I will teach you everything I know” Rico said. “mmm, mmm” I replied because Rico stuffed my mouth with my t-shirt. “I stuffed your mouth you cannot talk or scream, as you are experiencing right now, this is called gagging” Rico explained, increasing his fuck tempo.“Now I am going to cum in your ass hole, this is called anal creampie, if I cum in your pussy, it is called just creampie” Rico explained.Because I was gagged, I said “mm-mmm-mm-mm-mm”when I was trying to say “I want anal creampie now! now! now! now!”.Rico choked me again, I got all red, and he shouted, “I am going to fill your ass, you are my bitch from now on” and I started feeling his cock throbbing in my asshole, when he was done cumming, he let my neck go and laid next to me. “I will now keep you tied and make you my fuck slave until your parents come” Rico explained. He then tied me to a barn post and left. Half an hour later, I heard some truck noises, I panicked thinking my parents came. But the voices were different.Rico appeared at the barn door, with ten other farm hands from nearby farms. “This is our new sex slave, boys!” Rico exclaimed. Farmhands looked at my blonde hair, big blue eyes, small well defined nose, luscious lips, soft glowing white skin, and shaved pussy with amazement. “Wow, Rico, how did you get this slut?” “well, she came to me for some sex training” Rico laughed. “Lucky bastard!” others commented. I liked them talking about me and desiring me.Rico came next to me and said “If two men fucks you, it is called threesome, if more men fucks you, it is called gang bang. I called my bros to teach you gang bang” Rico explained.Rico then removed my gag, but my feet was still tied to my neck from front keeping me in permanent doggy position, and my hands were tied from my back.“Fuck me gang bang, fuck me gang bang!” I cheered.All ten men and Rico took turns, one by one, fucking my pussy, ass and mouth for an hour, filling me many times, cum was oozing from my ass, butt hole and my face and body was covered with cum shots.Rico untied me and laid on his back. “Now I want you to sit on my cock, and push my cock all the way into your vagina, then lean forward so my friend Ricardo can fuck you anally at the same time, this is called double penetration” Rico explained.I obeyed and pushed Rico’s thick cock into my pussy and leaned forward, then Ricardo shoved his cock in my butt hole all the way in easily, because by anal hole was all filled with slippery cum. Both Rico and Ricardo started fucking me at the same time, from my pussy and anal, I was feeling their cocks rubbing against each other through my vagina wall and bowel walls. “Now my friend Richard here will have you suck his cock while we fuck your ass and pussy, and Roger and Ronaldo will give their cock to your hands so you masturbate them. This is also called a gang bang or called tag team, and making your hand go up and down their cock as if your hand is a vagina is called masturbation.“ Rico explained. “Tag team, yay!” I cheered.Richard shoved his cock deep in my throat and started to face fuck me like Rico taught me in the morning, as Rico and Ricardo was fucking my pussy and ass. Roger and Ronaldo gave their cocks into my soft white hands and I started to stroke them. The other five guys were grabbing my ass, boobs, legs, caressing, squeezing, spanking. It was a sensual fireworks, all my holes were filled with a cock and all my body body was covered with hands, kisses, cocks rubbing.All ten guys kept changing roles and positions, and fucked me for a good three hours, me laying down, on all fours, standing up, on their laps, five of them keeping me in the air holding my arms, legs, head so the other five fuck my holes in the air. Rico explained each position as they fucked me.It was getting late, and Rico’s phone rang. My dad was calling asking him to check on me. “I just saw Emma around the farm, she is OK” Rico replied. Rico hung up the phone and said “OK guys! parents are coming in an hour, fuck fest is over!”Ten guys left, and Rico and I were now alone. “Thanks Rico, I learned a lot about sex today, I wish I knew all those before” I said. “Anytime, Emma, I can teach you more stuff and also we can do repeat lessons of what you just learned as many times as you want.” Rico replied with a relaxed smile.I hugged Rico, french kissed him, and squeezed his cock and strong arms. “Go clean up Emma, you are covered in cum” Rico laughed, “Good idea!” I laughed, and headed home.I expelled a good amount of cum from my bowels and pussy in the toilet. After that I took a nice warm shower, shampooed my cum covered hair, face, body, pussy, ass, legs, arms. I fingered my ass and pussy to take the remaining cum out, put on some relaxing clothes, went to the living room, and started watching TV. “Emmaaa! We are home”. I greeted my parents and brother as if nothing happened. We had dinner, and went to bed. It was a hot summer night, so I slept with just a red pantie on me, under a thin sheet.Past midnight, someone pulled my sheet off of me, and started caressing my legs, then my boobs, then slowly removed my red pantie andpread my legs, then started eating and fingering my pussy, trying not to wake me up. I played along and acted as if I am sleeping.The person moved off of me, then I felt a weight on my lower body, and a thick cock entering my vagina, going in and out in slow but deep motions, after two minutes he pushed his cock all the way in, covering my cervix with his spongy cock head and his cock started throbbing in my pussy, with a grunt he was trying to supress, squirting huge volumes of cum. I felt a nice warm sensation and orgasmed, grasping his shaft with my vagina with orgasmic pulsations. He shook me a little to see whether I am awake, I didn’t respond, then he left.I fingered my pussy, scooped some cum, and tasted it. It wasn’t Rico’s! If it is not Rico’s, whose cum could it have been? There was only one way to find out.—to be continued