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For months my wife begged me to hire a professional photographer to take out pictures.She always said, “We’ve been married for 7 years and we haven’t had a good picture taken of us since the wedding”.She was right, but I hate having pictures taken of me.Finally, she pulled out the real trump card.She told me if I hired a photographer, she would make me “very happy”.After being married to her for 7 years I knew what that meant.Very happy would mean stripping me down and kissing, licking and sucking until I blew my load in ecstasy, possibly unbuttoning my pants while I’m driving down the highway and giving me a blow job right there, or pushing me into a secluded family restroom for passionate sex against the wall.She knows how to get what she wants and she has the body to pull it off.5’5” 120lbs and athletically built she is a magician with every inch of her body, so I agreed to her offer and told her to find the photographer.The next day she told me that she had found what she was looking for and had me clear the calendar for a Saturday.She told me the photographer would meet us at the house and we would go from there.That Saturday morning my wife showed me the close she wanted me to wear for the pictures and got dressed in this little black dress that was enough to make me blow my wad right then and there.She asked me to zip her up and I began to run my hand up and down her soft back and around to lightly touch her irresistible breasts.She slowly stepped and away and informed me the photographer would be there soon and that I would have to wait until later, but she promised to make it worth the wait as she reached down and caressed my partially erect penis through my slacks.My body was aching with anticipation.The photographer arrived and due to my aroused state I noticed that she was a very pretty woman.5’7” brunette with long flowing hair and deep brown eyes.Dressed in a snugly fitting black blouse and slacks, she turned me on even more.It was clear that I was destined to have a semi all day.She reached out her hand and said, “Hello, my name is Denise.” and I lightly took her soft hand in mine to greet her.My wife said, “Ok, let’s get this going”, and the photographer nodded.She then took me by the hand and lead me to our bedroom.The photographer followed closely after, adjusting the settings on her camera.“We’re having our pictures taken in the bedroom?” I asked my wife.“Yes she replied”, as she looked at the photographer.“You ready?” she asked and Denise nodded.My wife instantly came to me and began to kiss me deeply.The flash of the camera went off and startled me, but she did not remove her lips from mine.She placed one hand on my butt and pulled our bodies closer together and kissed me even deeper as the flash of the camera continued.The passion of her kiss turned my semi into a much more substantial erection.I was stunned at the fact that my wife was being so aggressive in front of someone else.Denise was all business, unaffected by the progression of events.My wife could feel my penis pressing against her through our clothes and said, “Well, it looks like someone is excited”.I stood still stunned at what was going on.She then began to slide her hands down my body until she reached my belt buckle and began to unbuckle.She bent down so her face was right in front of my belt buckle as she examined it closely while unbuckling it.I looked down at her in amazement as she proceed to slowly unbutton and unzip my pants allowing them to drop to the floor.My boxers instantly pointed to her face, then FLASH, I was reminded that we were not alone in the room.She proceeded to push me on to the bed.As I fell on my back Denise swung around the bed to change her angle and continued to furiously take pictures.After totally removing my pants my wife deliberately unbuttoned my shirt kissing every inch of my chest as she straddled over me, and kissed me deeply again while caressing my fully erect penis through the wet and tight boxers.She leaned in close to me and sids, “don’t move.” She stood up and unzipped the back of her dress, allowing it to fall to the floor revealing a dainty black lace bra and panties..Denise clicked the shudder furiously to catch her every motion.Next the bra and panties came off revealing her breathtaking body.No matter how many times I see it she still amazes me.Slowly she steps toward me and I sit up to touch her exquisite body.Denise moved in close catching every hand movement focused on her job.My wife then reaches down and slides off my boxers.Free at last her hands felt like smooth silk with an electric charge.Denise moves in close, almost in between us getting a close up of my rock hard cock in my wives small hands.One flash and then Denise lowers the camera and looks at my wife.“Nice” she says while examining my pulsating member.My wife smiles at her and nods, “and he knows what to do with it.”, she commented.I laid back mezmorized by the process of events that laid before me as the two women closely examined my naked body.“Do you want to touch?” my wife asked.“If you don’t mind” replied Denise.My wife then released my cock and began to caress my balls, while Denise took her free hand and wrapped it around.She then examined my penis by slowly running her index finger across every inch and then touched the wet tip and spread the precum around in circles, making my tip totally wet.Moved her head down and blew softly on my soaking wet penis arousing me all the more.My skin was pulled so tight I thought I could feel every movement as my wife proceeded to suck un my balls.Seeming jealous Denise begin to lick only the tip of my cock while my wife proceeded to concentrate on my balls,18禁裸露啪啪网站免费漫画 sucking and licking.Instantly my wife sat up and said, “You don’t get his cum, I do.”Seeming disappointed, Denise moved back and gestured to my wife to proceed.As if to prove something, my wife began to suck on me intensely.Gripping my balls in one hand and stroking my wet, incredibly hard penis with her other, while she pulled me in and out of her mouth rolling her tongue around and around.The camera began to flash again as Denise got close up shots of my wife’s unbelievable talents.As I was just about to blow my load I noticed that as Denise was taking pictures, with one hand was inside of her tight black slacks inserted deep inside herself and moving smoothly.As my wife continued to deliver me to the promised land I reached over with my right hand and pulled on Denise’s pants.She removed her hand and slid them down far enough for me to easily put three fingers deep inside.She continued to snap pictures as I slowly moved my fingers for her pleasure.By now my wife’s saliva has coated my entire crotch.Her hands wet with fluids, she sucks me hard and deep in her mouth.I could feel the orgasm that I had held off so long rising up in an uncontrollable wave.My fingers continued to move unconsciously inside of Denise as she photographed, but then I noticed my hand getting very wet and she came over and over.She cried out as her camera went crashing to the floor and then I was surprised by the sudden realization of my own orgasm.Like a Volcano erupting from the depths of the earth cum erupted from my rock hard penis into my wife’s mouth.She continued to suck as cum seeped from the edges of her mouth down my cock.Over and over it came as it seemed to last forever.As the amazing feeling subsided I opened my eyes to see my naked wife sitting back and wiping the cum from her face, while Denise had slid down the wall and sat leaning with her pants around her knees.What a moment I had experienced, but it wasn’t’ over yet.My wife looked at me and said, “Now it’s my turn.” As she rolled over on the bed and spread her legs.I instantly dove between her legs and injected my tongue as far into her as I could.She moaned in pleasure as I used every trick that I knew.She then looked at Denise and said, “You can have a turn now too.”I didn’t really pay much attention as I was engulfed in my wife but Denise crawls on to the bed and lays on her back underneath me and begins to suck my cock that it still dripping with cum.I began to harden up gain inside her mouth.My wife bowed her back with pleasure as I sucked were wide open wet pussy and Denise continued to suck and stroke me.As my pleasure grew so did my wife’s and she exploded with orgasm.Over and over she moaned and cringed as chemicals of pleasure flooded her body.Denise never missed a beat paying full attention to my cock dangling in her face.Then, to my amazement, I felt it coming on again.My penis pulsated while spraying fresh warm cum into Denise’s mouth.I looked down at her between my legs as I went off and heard her gulping it down.Then I see another flash.My wife has picked up the camera and is photographing this uknown woman as she sucks every swallow of cum out her husband.I could feel the pressure as she sucked me harder and harder and then slowly moved back.As I emerged from her mouth my wife continued to photograph me feverishly.I found myself unable to move, stunned by all that had just happened.Denise proceeded to put her clothes backon as my wife slipped on a robe.I still felt unable to move and just laid there.My wife handed the camera to Denise and said, “I think we got some good shots.”Denise then responded, “This one is definitely on the house, and if you ever need help with that big thing again, just let me know.I’d love to get it inside of me.”, as she stared at my exposed cock.“We’ll just have to see about that”, my wife responded with a smile on her face and then showed Denise to the door.Ever since that day, I’m always interested in getting our picture taken.